Patrick Vieira got it wrong against the Cosmos

There were many things that went wrong Wednesday night for New York City F.C. against the New York Cosmos which ultimately hurt them in the end. While the blame can be put on the players, what about Patrick Vieira?

Since coming over, the Frenchman has instilled new tactics, especially emphasizing the defensive midfield position. When your playing a team like the Cosmos, maybe a defensive midfielder isn’t necessary and just maybe, Vieira got it all wrong.

Vieira has used the same formation since he took the reigns of this club, the traditional 4-3-3. It could be altered in different ways such as having three central midfielders or having an attacking midfielder. In Vieira’s system, he likes to use the defensive midfield position which has proved to work.

When your expected to dominate possession against a weaker team, then you have to play more up and with an attacking midfielder. If not an attacking midfielder, then definitely a second striker, a position that Khiry Shelton can shine in. NYCFC’s mentality was too conservative and not aggressive enough and it was evident with Cosmos’ late goal.

In these kind of match-ups, Vieira has to be more aggressive and put more attacking players on the pitch. Instead of Mikey Lopez, Vieira could have put Jack Harrison right behind Patrick Mullins to threaten the opposition a bit. The Cosmos were expected to stay back, lay low and catch NYCFC on a counter and surely enough, that’s what happened.

Vieira might need to change his system up a bit and think about a more aggressive approach against weaker teams next time around.