NYCFC: Summer signings are still a must

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The primary transfer window has closed, and New York City FC and the rest of Major League Soccer have mostly finished putting together their rosters... for now.  With that being said, the summer will be here sooner, rather than later, and the secondary transfer window will open.

Unlike most of the European leagues, who often have the entire summer for moves, the secondary window in MLS will open July 5, and then close August 2.  Agreements can be made with those outside of the league prior to the window, but nothing can be made official until the window opens.

With that being said, NYCFC made quite a few moves during the primary window.  Numerous players, including stars like Maxi Moralez and Sean Johnson, left the club, and then the team made some solid signings, like Mitja Ilenič and Richard Ledezma.  But the work is not done, and fans should expect a busy summer for the Pigeons. 

There are a few positions where either depth or starter signings are needed.  Whether NYCFC will make those signings is to be determined.  However, it should be expected that the club will at least try. 

NYCFC must make some summer signings

Of course, everyone can agree that New York City FC needs to sign a striker.  Talles Magno was not the answer, and Gabriel Segal struggled in his starts.  With that being said, utilizing Santiago Rodríguez in a false nine position and striker position has worked so far, but that is only one match.  It will be interesting to see whether this continues to work, and whether Nick Cushing will stick with this game plan. 

Nevertheless, NYCFC needs to sign a striker.  This is the main goal in the summer, no matter the result of the Rodríguez experiment.  The team desperately needs someone, especially in the case of injury.  Ideally, the club would sign their striker for the future.  It could be a veteran who can give the club some years, or a young future star that can make an impact right away, or develop into that star rather quickly. 

In fact, Skyscraper Blues discussed some possible options for the club.  More than likely these players are not being considered, but the Pigeons really should take a look.  But there are so many names that could be a possible option for the team, including names most have probably never heard of before. 

Depth wise, NYCFC really should sign a center-back.  There were some rumors during the primary transfer window, but nothing came to fruition.  Nonetheless, none of the younger center-backs have proven themselves to where they could compete with Thiago Martins and Maxime Chanot. 

That being said, Tayvon Gray could step into the center-back role as needed, but ideally the Pigeons would have another center-back that could possibly compete with the starters, or step in without an issue for injury or for international duty.  Both starters have suffered through injury before, including last season.  Therefore, it would be an intelligent move to have another strong center-back on hand. 

In addition, it would not hurt to have another versatile player on the roster.  NYCFC could use a player that is used for depth, but perhaps can play all over the midfield or attack.  This could be a player that allows rotation, especially when the season is more cramped. 

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Supporters should expect another busy summer, and maybe another trade in MLS will be in the works too.  But no matter what, New York City FC must have a striker at the end of the secondary window.  That is the most important move to make.