3 players NYCFC should inquire about from the top European leagues

-NYCFC still needs to sign players before the 2024 season begins

-There are some players from the European leagues that they should try to sign over the summer or down the road

-Here are three possible players that might be available that the Pigeons should go after

Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona
Robert Lewandowski of FC Barcelona / Angel Martinez/GettyImages
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The preseason is finally here for New York City FC.  The 2024 campaign will begin before one knows it, and many feel the Pigeons are not anywhere near ready to compete for a playoff spot.  There are also many questions regarding the team’s plans with the roster, for they still need to sign players. They have recently signed Andrés Perea, but more must be done.

The roster rules in Major League Soccer make it difficult to attract the best of the best.  The league is still growing too, which is why it has become popular to sign talented players with potential, develop them, and send them to Europe.  While some veteran players still join MLS once they can no longer play in the top European leagues, it can no longer be declared the retirement league.

With that being said, plenty of European-based players could still play at a higher level but are interested in playing stateside.  Or, it is time for them to leave, but they could do well in MLS.  Therefore, the top leagues are places NYCFC could sign players from.  But who should they reach out to? 

Here are three players NYCFC should sign from the top European leagues in 2024 or beyond.

Antoine Griezmann would enhance NYCFC's attack

NYCFC could really use a star on their roster.  One player they should look into is Antoine Griezmann, who is with Atlético de Madrid.  The Frenchman has spent the entirety of his career in La Liga, primarily in Madrid.  He has expressed interest in joining MLS in the future, and some believe he might be looking to move this summer. 

However, his contract does not expire until 2026.  If Griezmann were to come to any club in MLS, then he would have to convince Atlético to terminate his contract.  At the same time, he has been having a solid season and has not specifically said anything that he would move this year.

Nonetheless, NYCFC should jump in the race to sign him if he decides to move this summer.  They would have to figure out their roster, for they have three Designated Players at this time. Undoubtedly, Griezmann will require a DP contract, and rightfully so.

The forward is extremely versatile with where he can play.  He can play as a striker, second striker, or left-winger.  He will also play on the right side if needed.  Then, he has scored 261 goals during his career, including 17 this season.  And what does the Bronx side need the most?  They need a goal-scorer.

Of course, Griezmann is the unlikeliest to be available this summer.  Perhaps NYCFC could try and sign him whenever he is ready to join MLS.