NYCFC: The price for Valentín Castellanos is going up

Valentín Castellanos of NYCFC and Girona FC
Valentín Castellanos of NYCFC and Girona FC / Alex Caparros/GettyImages

New York City FC is a team that is proud to send their young talents overseas.  The big place to play is still Europe, and the Pigeons would not hinder the likes of Jack Harrison and Joe Scally to follow their dreams.  The front office consistently makes it clear they want to help young players develop and grow, and they still discuss that about James Sands, even with his return to the club.

That was why it was not surprising Valentín Castellanos went out on loan once it was clear a permanent move could not be made.  NYCFC were rumored to have wanted at least $15 million, but no team would pay that amount, even though the Argentine was one of the best players in Major League Soccer.

So, the City Football Group connection allowed Castellanos to move over to La Liga, and join Girona FC on loan for the 2022-2023 season.  He has started most of the matches he was available for, and even when he was not scoring, he was a good player for the club. 

In fact, prior to the last month, it could be deemed that the forward was having an average season, but enough to possibly get him a permanent move somewhere.  Although, there are some critics that would have argued against that, but clearly they would have looked at the goal total, and would have not watched his work rate during fixtures.  Plus, the NYCFC legend had to adjust to La Liga and Girona.

NYCFC can raise the price for Valentín Castellanos

Additionally, New York City FC supporters know that it took some time for Castellanos to adjust in New York and Major League Soccer.  Then, it took some time for him to adjust as a striker, for he was predominantly a winger by trade.  It needs to be said that many players go through an adjustment period after moving to new clubs and leagues.

Overtime, Castellanos became more important to Girona’s Starting XI, and the team overall.  With a few games remaining this season, he has scored 14 times in all competitions, with 13 goals in La Liga.  However, seven of those goals have been scored since April 16, and he has scored in every game he has played in since.

Moreover, in the game against Real Madrid CF, Castellanos scored four times, and led his team to a 4-2 win.  This was the game that screamed his name to the world, for he completely took over, and became the nightmare that will live in Madrid’s players’ dreams for years. 

With that being said, the NYCFC fan favorite has been on a tear, and cannot stop scoring.  He is reminding everyone why the Pigeons wanted $15 million, and is now raising the price even more.  He is finally comfortable in Spain, and has proven that he is able to adjust after slow starts. 

The difference now is that his price is rising.  Likely, NYCFC would not ask for too high of a number, but perhaps the MLS team will ask for $20 million now.  In other words, a team could have had him for a cheaper price, but now the number will be higher.  Plus, this time around, teams will jump to sign Castellanos.  There are many clubs around the top leagues in Europe that desperately need a striker, or will need one once the season is over.

It is also possible that Castellanos stays with Girona, and that the fellow CFG team will sign him permanently.  The Spanish side sits in seventh place in La Liga, and the Argentine has been a vital part of their current run, for they have won four of their last five matches.  

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No matter where Castellanos goes, it is all but clear: his price is rising.  New York City FC should be able to get their asking price, and the striker will be able to continue his dream in Europe.  The future is bright, and the best is ahead.