NYCFC should bring Ronald Matarrita home

-NYCFC and Ronald Matarrita had quite a few years together

-The left-back is barely getting playing time with his current club, so the Pigeons should bring him home

Ronald Matarrita, formerly of NYCFC
Ronald Matarrita, formerly of NYCFC / Brad Smith/ISI Photos/GettyImages

New York City FC has been pretty quiet this offseason. They completed some contract extensions, like Matt Freese. They have not made any new signings outside the club yet, for the one signing was a Homegrown signing.

As a result, supporters are becoming restless. NYCFC needs new players, and preseason is a few short weeks away. But who should the club sign?

One position the Pigeons could use another player or two is at left-back. In a sense, Kevin O'Toole is the only player on the first team who would play there at this time. They need someone else for depth and competition, for O'Toole has not done enough to prove he is the full-time starting left-back.

Therefore, why not bring back someone who has played for the team? Why not bring someone back who can compete with O'Toole? There is one player who fits both categories: Ronald Matarrita.

NYCFC should bring back Ronald Matarrita

According to NYCFC radio broadcaster Roberto Abramowitz, the former player is looking to leave his current club to make a return to Major League Soccer. The left-back is in Greece with Aris Thessaloniki Football Club. He is struggling to find playing time, for he has played in just five games this season. Moreover, he has started only two matches.

Since Matarrita left FC Cincinnati at the end of the 2022 season, he first played half of a season with SC Dnipro-1 before moving to Aris. He has found playing time difficult to come by, and would likely earn more minutes with NYCFC. He played 121 games with the Bronx side over his five seasons. During that span, he scored four times and had nine assists.

Matarrita last played for the Pigeons in 2020. Most of his teammates then are no longer with the club, but he knows some players, including Keaton Parks and James Sands. It would not be an entirely new experience, and there would be some familiarity.

Moreover, the Costa Rican player loved New York City. In some ways, he would be returning home. The club also knows the caliber of player Matarrita is. He would be a great signing. Plus, he could even sign a no-risk contract where it is for a year.

Matarrita can offer depth and competition for New York City FC. He would also offer a veteran presence, which would be good for the young side. It would be a low-risk and intelligent move to bring him home.