Thiago and Talles Magno are both rumored to head elsewhere

-Rumors have it that Talles Magno and Thiago are set to leave NYCFC
Talles Magno of NYCFC
Talles Magno of NYCFC / Evan Yu/GettyImages

New York City FC is finally starting to make noise before the 2024 season. After a few contract extensions and Homegrown signings, the Pigeons have permanently acquired Andrés Perea. Then, they signed Hannes Wolf just a day later.

Meanwhile, rumors have a few more players lined up to be signed within the next few weeks. As always, one must wait and see whether these moves occur, for anything can happen where a deal falls through. However, these are not the only rumors running around on social media and in the news.

Reports are saying that NYCFC players Talles Magno and Thiago are expected to leave. It makes sense with Thiago since he was out on loan last year. Sadly, his time with the Pigeons did not work out. With Magno, it is somewhat surprising and understandable at the same time.

Rumors surround Thiago and Talles Magno

Since NYCFC sent Thiago out on loan in 2023, it was thought he would leave or go out on loan again. This might happen sooner rather than later, for a report on X by Cristian Moraes of Território MLS says the Brazilian will be leaving for China or Brazil. The Chinese team is believed to be Sichuan Jiuniu F.C., and the Brazilian side is unknown.

At this time, that is the only rumor out there regarding Thiago. It is believable since NYCFC has already signed and will sign players who can play on the wings. Truthfully, it would be shocking if he was on the roster at the start of the season.

On the other side, there was always an inkling that Magno would go elsewhere. Nick Cushing's steadfast idea that he is a striker hurt his development and confidence over the last year and a half. As a result, the winger spent plenty of time on the bench. It was not until his hard work and the understanding he is best utilized as a winger that he started again at the end of the season.

Therefore, many thought Magno would stay with NYCFC in 2024 to turn himself into a hot commodity. There were questions on whether he would seek a move after his rough times with the Pigeons. That seemed to die down since all was quiet during the offseason. At least, that was the case until this week.

Rumors have it that Magno has already made a deal with Serie A side Bologna FC in Italy. NYCFC is holding up the move, but the logistics are unknown. This is a little surprising since Magno struggled throughout the majority of 2023. Yet, the Italian side might have based their pursuit on when he played on the wings and was successful.

As always, if Magno can make the jump to Europe, then he should jump. He has the talent and potential to do so. There are concerns it might be a little too early. Nonetheless, one will never know unless they try.

Rumors are rumors until they come true. Whether Thiago or Magno will be on the move this winter will only be known if they leave New York City FC. This will be something to watch over the next few weeks.