NYCFC news roundup: The Columbus game controversy and Talles Magno

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After winning eight of nine games, New York City FC has gone on and lost their last three. The team returned to old habits, struggling to score. Hence, there has been a lot to discuss on the pitch.

There is also plenty to speak about off the pitch regarding VAR and a player. Here is the next edition of the NYCFC news roundup.

NYCFC news roundup: That VAR decision and Talles Magno

The penalty kick was the wrong call in the Columbus Crew match

The refereeing in the Columbus Crew match was not the greatest. Sure, the blame for the loss can be placed on the team and the referee, but total blame cannot be on the officiating.

However, the biggest controversy from the fixture was the penalty kick call after the VAR review. After what felt like a millennium, the referee, Alexis Da Silva, decided that Hannes Wolf pushed the Crew's Mohamed Farsi to the ground. What made this so controversial was that the call was weak and anyone could have argued he went to the ground very easily. It also took too long to review. Calls utilizing VAR should be clear and obvious; this was not one of those cases.

After reviewing the call, PRO referee Greg Barkey, who is the manager of video review, said that VAR should not have intervened based on the subjectivity of the call. In addition, the VAR referee, Sorin Stoica, influenced Da Silva's decision by inputting his opinion. The VAR referees are supposed to bring attention to a possible reviewable play. In the end, the head referee should make the final call.

Therefore, if the other goals would have stood, and VAR would have been utilized correctly, then NYCFC and Columbus would have ended the game in a 2-2 draw. After losing the two road fixtures, it would not have made much of a difference in the standings. Alas, the Pigeons would have 30 points instead of 29.

Talles Magno's days are likely numbered

If there is one player who has not lived up to his expectations, then it is Talles Magno. The NYCFC forward was unfortunately hurt in his development after the club tried to turn him into something he was not: a striker.

He did miss some time due to an injury this year, but since he was healthy, he was rotting away on the bench. Then, he has not been a part of the matchday squad over the last few games. Fans wanted to know what was going on. Thanks to J.R. DiBart, fans now know that Magno has not played due to his current relationship with Nick Cushing. He said it is not good and he feels he trains well enough to play. He implied his likely departure this summer.

In other words, Magno provided the answer many expected to get. After Cushing led the team to eight wins out of nine games, some thought the head coach might be turning things around. However, after losing three straight, and then Magno's statement, the negative feelings are back. It is not entirely the Brazilian's fault that he struggled over the last few years. In addition, many would assume he can at the very least act as a depth option.

The fact he is not playing is not a good look for the head coach. It makes one wonder whether the man in charge really does cause problems with some of his players. It is easy to think that after the mass departure of veterans after 2022 and some of the shocking ones since then. Maxime Chanot is the best example.

Nonetheless, NYCFC fans can assume Magno will be gone sooner rather than later. It is a great shame, and he will always be the biggest "What if" player to have played for the Pigeons.