Keaton Parks' offseason hints he might stay in New York

-Back in November, there were rumors that Keaton Parks might leave NYCFC

-His offseason possibly hints that he will stay with the club

Keaton Parks of NYCFC
Keaton Parks of NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Since he initially came to New York City FC on loan in 2019, Keaton Parks has been a fantastic player for the club. At first, he struggled to earn playing time. However, his brilliant performance during a U.S. Open Cup match changed everything.

He eventually became a starter for NYCFC. The midfielder's ability to move the ball and maneuver around players led him to be one of the best in Major League Soccer. Although, he is the most underrated midfielder.

Parks is a vital member of the Pigeons. He is talented enough that he could have a chance at playing in Europe again. In November, there were rumors about teams considering his services. It was thought that he deserved to take his shot in Europe. At the same time, NYCFC should offer him a contract extension. His value to the club is immense, so he must have the option to stay.

Keaton Parks' might remain with NYCFC after his offseason

Nonetheless, the question of whether Parks would be with NYCFC in 2024 continued to be asked. While it is difficult to predict the future, it can be assumed that he will be with the Bronx side in the upcoming campaign. The reason has to do with the offseason and how Parks has been spending the time.

Remember, this is all speculation, but Parks has been busy enjoying life as a father, going on adventures and vacations, and more. He has been using the offseason to step away from the beautiful game and recharge.

If the 26-year-old wanted to leave NYCFC, then he would be doing less this offseason. Since most European leagues are in the middle of their seasons, he would have to meet with teams and focus on a possible move. He is probably still training and working out for 2024, but the amount of activities, the time spent with his family, and his latest vacation suggest he is not looking to move elsewhere.

That is not to say that he will make the jump to Europe. A move over the summer or in the future can always occur. There is also an unfounded report on X that he is working on a new deal with NYCFC. Nothing is concrete, and this could easily not come to fruition.

Parks is one of the better midfielders in MLS. It would be incredible if New York City FC could keep him long-term. His current offseason allows one to assume he will be with the club in 2024.