What should NYCFC's new secondary jersey look like?

-This year, NYCFC will be releasing a new secondary kit

-What should the new jersey look like?

NYCFC jersey
NYCFC jersey / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

In 2024, New York City FC will embark on its tenth season in Major League Soccer. Many changes are needed after 2023, for the Pigeons missed out on the playoffs for the first time since 2015. The roster will look quite different from the start of the previous year. Those changes should begin this month with the opening of the trade window and free agency.

Roster changes will not be the only aspect of NYCFC that will be different in 2024. The new season will see the club introduce a new secondary kit. In MLS, every year teams switch off with new primary and secondary jerseys. In 2023, the Bronx side released their current primary kit and introduced their first-ever third kit.

Meanwhile, it is expected the new secondary kit will be released in January or February. What will it look like? While the jersey is ready to go, that does not mean one can make predictions or say what they want it to look like.

Imagining the new NYCFC secondary kit

As always, NYCFC's new jersey should relate in some way to New York City. The colors can differ and do not have to be the city's colors. Historically, the Pigeons have always had some blue or orange in their secondary ones. Hence, one or both colors can be expected.

As a reminder, 2024 will be the tenth season of play for NYCFC. Therefore, it would be perfect to celebrate the club's tenth year in MLS by bringing back the the color from the first-ever secondary jersey: black. It should not be the same, but it should be black.

Then, it should have orange around the neck collar, the base of the sleeves, and the bottom of the shirt. In addition, the writing and numbers should be orange too. To add some sky blue, the club should add a pigeon at the bottom on either the right or left side.

Another idea is to add the outline of the city in sky blue and put it on the bottom of the jersey. It would be a cool design that could work well on a black kit.

If NYCFC does not want to go with a simple black jersey, then they could add more sky blue or orange and have a faded look. Still, sometimes simple base colors work the best.

It will feel like a long wait until the secondary jersey is revealed. However, there are only a few weeks left in 2023. 2024 will be here soon. New York City FC will probably have a completely different kit, but it is fun to think of ideas and wonder what it will look like.