The key offseason dates for NYCFC and MLS

-The offseason is in full swing for NYCFC and most of MLS

-What are the key dates?

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The Major League Soccer playoffs are still going on, but most teams, including New York City FC, are amid their offseason. The Pigeons will have plenty to do before their first game in 2024. Ideally, some major announcements will be made before the new year.

So far, NYCFC announced their end-of-the-year roster decisions. The club will not be bringing back players like Alfredo Morales and Matías Pellegrini. It is expected other departures will occur as the offseason progresses.

At the same time, there are many offseason dates that MLS announced. Most of the dates involve roster construction and moves. But what are these key dates?

Here is a look at all of the MLS key dates that NYCFC fans should know.

The key MLS offseason dates that NYCFC fans should know

Wednesday, November 22: The date has already passed, but this was the deadline for most clubs like NYCFC to extend Bona Fide offers.

Friday, December 1: This Friday is the deadline to exercise options. NYCFC has already done this, so this would not apply to them.

Wednesday, December 6-Saturday, December 9: The College Showcase will take place. The best NCAA players will demonstrate their skills for MLS clubs.

Monday, December 11: The trade window will open on this day. Teams can add players to their rosters for the first time since the roster freeze. This might lead to NYCFC's permanent acquisition of Andrés Perea. Of course, the Bronx side and the Philadelphia Union must come to a mutual agreement for the move to take place.

Tuesday, December 12: The end-of-the-year waiver process will begin at 5 PM. Teams can claim players on waivers and sign them for 2024 or beyond. It will close exactly 48 hours later.

Wednesday, December 13: Free agency will open within MLS. Those eligible for free agency will be able to speak with other clubs and move to other teams within the league. It is unknown whether there are any players that NYCFC will pursue.

Thursday, December 14: The first stage of the re-entry process will occur.

Tuesday, December 19: The MLS SuperDraft will take place. There will only be three rounds this year. Moreover, sophomores and higher can be selected for the first time in the draft history. Perhaps this will lead to a more successful draft, for only a few players actually make the league, let alone become starters.

Thursday, December 21: The second stage of the re-entry process will be completed. Any players not taken in the first stage will be eligible on this Thursday.

How do these dates impact NYCFC?

NYCFC can gain and lose players during December due to these different dates. In addition, some players who had their options declined or were out of contract can find new homes during this time. If anything, the most important dates for the Queens team will involve trades, free agency, and the SuperDraft.

Truthfully, they should not claim players off waivers or select anyone in the re-entry process. These are usually players who did not cut it out for their teams, and the Pigeons must sign better players.

The following month will be busy for New York City FC and the rest of MLS. It will be interesting to see what the club does and whether they bring in new players from other teams.