Some thoughts on the 2023 New York City FC primary kit

New York City FC
New York City FC / Noam Galai/GettyImages

On Wednesday, New York City FC finally released their new kits for 2023.  This year, they released a new primary one called the Interboro Kit, which was “inspired by the confluence of cultures that comprise New York City – the Greatest City in the World”.  After a positive reaction from last year’s secondary kit, supporters hoped the reveal for this year would be just as great, and they were not disappointed.

Based on Twitter, it appears the reaction was mostly positive, with some negative comments here and there.  The Pigeons did a great job creating a unique jersey that represents the city, and created a work of art.

The New York City FC primary kit for 2023 is beautifully unique

Like any previous primary kit, New York City FC made sure the majority of the jersey had the sky blue color.  However, this year it included colors of the New York City flag: navy blue and orange.  Including the colors of the flag shows the team is not just about the Bronx, or later on, Queens, but represents all five boroughs of the city.

More uniquely, the club added a pattern on the front of the jersey.  The pattern looks like subway tiles, or at least reminds the supporters of that.  Again, the subway connects people to all over the city, and such a pattern is a unique look to have on a jersey.  Moreover, the pattern creates the NYCFC crest.  The design is not only unique, but an intelligent one to highlight both the city and the team. 

There is also a small image of the Statue of Liberty’s torch at the bottom of the jersey.  This image reminds supporters that the city is a melting pot, and full of so many different cultures.  After all, it was the Statue of Liberty that greeted immigrants as they arrived to the United States starting in 1886.  It represented hope and opportunity to those searching for a better or new life, and this is something seen in New York City.

As a whole, the new kit is beautifully unique.  It was an unexpected surprise, and the details honor not just the club, but the city itself.  It was well thought out, and at this time, there are no complaints. 

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Well done, New York City FC.  Well done.