NYCFC in the offseason: Vacations, fun, and working hard

-Here is the latest look at NYCFC in the offseason
Thiago Martins of NYCFC
Thiago Martins of NYCFC / Evan Yu/GettyImages

New York City FC is amid their offseason. There has been some stadium news, and rumors swirl that Andrés Perea might make a permanent move to the Pigeons. Thus far, no acquisitions or signings have been announced. Notably, the MLS Cup Finals will happen this weekend, and only after will it become busy with moves around the league.

Meanwhile, what are the players up to? Here is the latest look at NYCFC in the offseason.

NYCFC players are vacationing and working in the offseason

Santiago Rodríguez was in the Bahamas

NYCFC Designated Player Santiago Rodríguez was in the Bahamas on vacation over the last week with his girlfriend. Specifically, he was at Atlantis in Nassau. It is unknown whether they went to other parts of the islands.

The midfielder showed pictures of sushi, a stingray, the beach, and more. He appears to be having a great time. This is also his second vacation since he took a quick trip to Universal Orlando before the friendly against Inter Miami CF.

Thiago Martins traveled too

Thiago Martins also went on vacation recently, for he was in the Dominican Republic with his long-time girlfriend. After a long season, it is not shocking that players tend to go on vacation where there are beaches. Unquestionably, relaxation is key.

Keaton Parks and Home Alone

Keaton Parks continues to post some great content during the NYCFC offseason. This time, he experienced the Home Alone experience at the Plaza Hotel. He and his wife stayed at the famous hotel from the classic film. They got to explore the location and even ordered a pizza.

In fact, it looks like their dog was with them. Although, perhaps that photo was after the fact.

Talles Magno is already working out

After a few weeks off, Talles Magno is already training for the next season. He posted pictures and videos of him weight-training. He has been sharing his workouts on his Story as well.

It is nice to see the New York City FC players enjoying their offseason, whether they are having fun or working toward the following year.