NYCFC stadium gets stamp of approval from local community board

-The Willets Point Revitalization project was approved by the local Queens community board

-This includes NYCFC's future stadium

NYCFC at Yankee Stadium
NYCFC at Yankee Stadium / Stephen Nadler/ISI Photos/GettyImages

After years of silence or little news, the New York City FC stadium news wire is in full swing. The Pigeons announced the stadium a little over a year ago, and since then, updates are regularly coming in.

Over the last year, the team has announced the architect and general contractor, released the first renderings, illuminated how the stadium will be green, and more. Recently, the club announced the ULURP would begin to allow the review of the Willets Point Phase 2 Project.

The news does not stop there. On Monday evening, the local Queens community board, Community Board 7, voted and approved the project. This includes the NYCFC stadium, affordable housing units, a school, and a vibrant community that will lead to local businesses and restaurants. Additionally, the redevelopment of Willets Points will create thousands of construction jobs.

The NYCFC stadium news continues with recent approval

The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the project that includes the NYCFC stadium. Assurances regarding parking, scheduling, and the hotel aided the result to end with 37 of 39 members of the board voting for the revitalization project. This was one of the major hurdles in the ULURP, and it highlights the process is moving quickly. Next, the project must be approved by the Queens Borough President’s Office.

NYCFC Vice Chairman Marty Edelman expressed his gratitude toward Community Board 7. He told the following:

"NYCFC is grateful for this vote of confidence from Community Board 7 to help continue a vision for Willets Point that will unlock thousands of jobs, historic affordable housing, and NYC’s first-ever, union-built soccer stadium. NYCFC committed ten years ago to build in the five boroughs, and we are thrilled to be closer to bringing this promise to life in Queens – the World’s Borough will be our home for The World’s Game."

Marty Edelman

The news is welcoming and great to hear. As many know, New York City is a difficult place to build, let alone get approvals. There are still some questions on whether the stadium will open on time since delays can be common. However, the first hurdle of approvals is exactly what the Pigeons need.

Moreover, it is vital to remember that the stamp of approval by the community board is not only about the stadium. It is about the Willets Point area and creating a community that is vibrant, environmentally friendly, and economically successful. It is about giving families affordable housing and job opportunities. The stadium will be large, but it is one part of a major redevelopment project.

Nonetheless, the news is exciting for New York City FC and the supporters. The club is one step closer to their new home.