NYCFC in the offseason: Time at home and recovery

-Here is the latest update of NYCFC in the offseason
Talles Magno of NYCFC
Talles Magno of NYCFC / Jose L. Argueta/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The New York City FC offseason is in full swing after the friendly against Inter Miami CF interrupted it initially. As such, the players have been out and about enjoying their time off.

It is expected the club will be extremely busy over the next few months. After the terrible season, hopefully, the players are recharging by spending time at home and going on vacations. But what are they up to?

Here is the latest installment of NYCFC in the offseason.

NYCFC players return home and focus on recovery

Talles Magno's return to Brazil

NYCFC winger Talles Magno is back home in Brazil. The Designated Player is enjoying his time off by playing soccer volleyball on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

He posted a video of him playing the game with others. It is like volleyball, but players cannot use their hands at all. Magno appeared to be pretty good, which is expected. Alas, he was not afraid to show he fell in the sand in the edited video.

In addition, if fans follow the Brazilian on Instagram, then they can follow his adventures in Brazil via his Story. He has posted a little of everything, from attending live music to hanging with his family. Hopefully, this time at home is the perfect medicine to get him back on track with his development.

Maxi Moralez is in the gym

When Maxi Moralez returned to NYCFC, supporters were ecstatic to have him back. Sadly, the ACL injury put a damper on things quickly.

Thankfully, a few months after the surgery, the midfielder is back in the gym. He is working on his recovery and doing light exercises with his knee. More importantly, he is rehabbing in New York under the watchful eye of NYCFC. The club must be careful with Moralez. Ideally, he would be back by the summer.

Keaton Parks and his family

Keaton Parks became a dad this year, and the NYCFC player cannot stop posting pictures of his family. On Thanksgiving, he wrote how he was thankful for them. He recently had professional pictures done as well.

It is not shocking that Parks continues to post pictures with his family of four. It is obvious he is a proud father and husband. His adoration for his family is a beautiful thing.

While his future is up in the air, perhaps if the New York City FC player stays for the 2024 season, then he can be considered for the captaincy.