10 things to be thankful for as a NYCFC fan

-Thanksgiving is almost here, and it is the time of year to give thanks

-Here are 10 things to be thankful for as a NYCFC fan

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New York City FC has had a roller coaster existence since they started their first season in 2015. Most of the regular seasons ended in decent or great finishes. Many times, the team in the playoffs saw disappointment. In 2021, the Pigeons won the MLS Cup. As everyone knows, 2023 was a terrible year that saw the Pigeons miss the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

As a result, a good portion of the fan base is upset with how the season went. Many feel the lack of roster depth and Nick Cushing are to blame for why the season was a disaster. At the same time, it is believed they should have finished in a playoff spot since nine teams in the Eastern Conference played in the postseason.

It is a tough time to be a NYCFC supporter. Yet, there is still plenty to be thankful for. It might be difficult to see that right now, so it is vital to remind everyone of the positives.

Here are 10 things to be thankful for as a NYCFC fan.

10 things NYCFC fans can be thankful for

1. Santiago Rodríguez returned to NYCFC to sign as a Designated Player. The midfielder's 2023 season was not his personal best, but he was still important to the team. His ability to play on the wings and attacking midfield is a plus. Hopefully, with a strong roster around him, he can return to his usual self in 2024.

2. NYCFC is not Chicago Fire FC. David Lee might be under fire for this past year, but at least the Pigeons did not reward their Sporting Director like Chicago Fire FC did for years of terrible seasons. Also, the Pigeons have only missed the playoffs twice since their inaugural season. Meanwhile, Chicago has only made the playoffs once since then.

3. The famous chicken bucket at Yankee Stadium is always something to be thankful for. Here is a friendly reminder that this is a must when deciding food options for the future home.

4. Season tickets do not cost an arm and a leg like Inter Miami CF.

5. NYCFC supporters should be thankful for Toronto FC. The Reds poor form led the Bronx side to beat them 5-0 in the Leagues Cup and 3-0 during their last meeting of the Major League Soccer season. These games gave everyone a little hope and happiness.

6. One cannot forget about Valentín Castellanos and Gabriel Pereira. While fans were happy Castellanos made his permanent move to Lazio, Pereira's sale was shocking. However, both players' sales gave the club a good amount of money to use toward other acquisitions.

7. NYCFC is finally getting a stadium, and the club has released plenty of information over the last year. Sure, there will be a few more seasons where the team will be the traveling Pigeons. 2027 will be here sooner rather than later, for time moves quickly.

8. The new stadium will be in the five boroughs. Unlike their rival across the Hudson River, the Bronx side will remain in New York City when they move to Queens.

9. Speaking about the New Jersey team, NYCFC has one thing they do not have: a star over the crest. The Pigeons won the MLS Cup in 2021 in their seventh season of play. Meanwhile, the New York Red Bulls have not won at all, and they have been around since the MLS inaugural season in 1996. Therefore, supporters can be thankful that they experienced the joy of lifting the MLS Cup trophy.

10. Finally, after a long and difficult season, fans can be thankful for one another. Even when the times are tough, they have the New York City FC community to support one another.