Fans can celebrate: New York City FC is finally getting a stadium

Sep 17, 2022; New York, New York, USA; New York City FC fans cheer after a goal during the first
Sep 17, 2022; New York, New York, USA; New York City FC fans cheer after a goal during the first / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

During every offseason, the only thing every New York City FC fan could agree on was the wish of a stadium announcement. With the exception of some players, that was at the top of every wish list. And, every year, fans were disappointed, not only with the lack of announcements, but for a long time, the lack of transparency with the process.

Now, after years of waiting, NYCFC fans can finally rejoice.  Both the club and Mayor Eric Adams have officially announced the plans for a stadium.  The new home will be in Queens, and the hope is to have the stadium done by 2027.

Moreover, the stadium announcement was part of an overall announcement for the Willets Point community.  Not only will a stadium be built, but also affordable housing, a public school, and other forms of infrastructure.  In other words, it is similar to the initial plans for building a stadium in the Bronx.  The only difference is that parking spots and stubborn individuals on both sides will not block the bettering of the community and New York City. 

The historic announcement, both for the city and NYCFC, was a long time coming.  The Pigeons have been waiting for a stadium, while the Willets Point community has been waiting for new infrastructure, apartments, and development of the area.  So, it makes sense to combine the two, and finally put the talk into action.

New York City FC has a new home…finally!

So, what does the Willets Point project entail, for both New York City FC and the community?  For starters, the most important part of the plan are the 2,500 units of affordable housing.  After a rough few years and the continuation of economic struggles, this is vital for New York City.  As prices go up, families who rely on affordable housing need access to such locations, and this could not come at a more perfect time, especially after years of delays. 

Additionally, the project involves the construction of an elementary school, new infrastructure and improvement to current infrastructure, and retail shops.  It will also lead to the creation of open public space.  Plus, a 100% privately financed hotel will be built.  Such a hotel will be perfect for visitors out of town, especially for those who come to Queens for baseball, tennis, or soccer.   

Of course, the biggest announcement from Mayor Adams today was the stadium announcement.  City Football Group will privately finance the entirety of the build, which was a vital factor in order to bring a professional soccer stadium to the city.

The stadium will be built near Citi Field, one of the team’s current home stadiums, and will house about 25,000 seats.  It will be accessible from public transportation, and plenty of parking spaces will be available.  Jobs will be created, and fans will bring business to the community every time there is a game. 

In fact, the whole project will bring over 14,000 construction jobs, and then once everything is completed, over 1,500 permanent jobs.  This will help the economy of the Willets Point community, and provide numerous jobs to individuals.

Hence, the construction of the stadium will not be a singular act, and that is exactly what NYCFC would prefer.  The team would rather be a part of a project like this, and continue to invest in the community, as they have done since the founding of the club.  Likely, the current Bronx side will find ways to give back to their home every year, as they have done around Yankee Stadium.

Also, the Pigeons can finally celebrate.  In a few years, they will be Traveling Pigeons no more.  The aim is to move home in 2027, but notably this is New York City.  It would not be shocking if this is postponed, but hopefully the 2027 benchmark will be met.  Still, the announcement is a big deal, and fans can celebrate the fact NYCFC will eventually settle down in Queens.

It is unknown what the stadium will look like in the end, and what it will have.  The one certainty is that soccer will be played there, and New York City FC will be home.