Possible food options for the future New York City FC stadium

Talles Magno of New York City FC
Talles Magno of New York City FC / Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC has a long way to go before their new stadium is built.  The goal is to have it completed and ready to go by 2027, but as everyone knows, building in New York City does not always go to plan.  As such, no one knows whether the Pigeons will have their new home by then.

Still, it does not stop anyone from thinking what the stadium will look like, and what it will have.  This can include parts of the stadium, the seat sections, food, and more.  NYCFC will hopefully build one of the best soccer-specific stadiums in the country, and ideally the stadium will allow for one of the best game day experiences in Major League Soccer.

Of course, one major part of going to any athletic event in the United States is the food, and this is true for soccer games.  Supporters love the typical game-day staples, from chicken fingers, hamburgers, soft pretzels, ice cream, and more.  They also love the more adventurous options and unique staples that represent a team’s local area.

So, without further ado, here are some food options the new NYCFC stadium should have.

New York City FC should have a multitude of food options in 2027

Pizza: When New York City FC moves into the new stadium, pizza is the one food that is a must.  Nothing screams New York like pizza, and it should not be a chain either.  It should have that true New York local pizza joint feel, and there should be options, from regular pizza to Grandma.  Fans would probably love if they could order a full pie for their group, and the ability to have sides like garlic knots would be a plus. 

The fan-loved Chicken Bucket:  Not much has to be said, but if NYCFC fans could have the beloved Chicken Bucket from Yankee Stadium, then that would be a win.  Ideally it would be the same recipe with the same fries, but the same size is a must.  Oh, and it would be cool to have multiple sauce selections, including a possible NYCFC specific one. 

Soups: MLS normally starts in March, so there are going to be some cold game nights, especially since many matches will be at 7:30 PM on Saturdays.  Therefore, the club would be smart to have a food vendor that specifies in soups.  There are so many options, from tomato, chicken noodle, minestrone, Manhattan clam chowder, and more.  The soup would help warm up supporters, and it would be something that is unique, for not many stadiums sell soup like that. 

Ralph’s Italian Ices: On hot days, ice cream is great, but sometimes Italian Ices are even better.  Hence, NYCFC should partner with a local New York staple, Ralph’s Italian Ices.  The local favorite started right in New York City on Staten Island, and has quite a selection of both water and cream ices.  They also have ice cream, shakes, and smoothies.  Having Ralph’s as a food vendor would excite fans, and also allow visiting fans to try the best Italian Ices in the country. 

Burritos and burrito bowls: Many people like burritos and burrito bowls, so why not have them at the new NYCFC stadium?  In fact, maybe the Pigeons can set up a food vendor where people can go through a Chipotle or Cabo Fresh style line, and decide exactly what they want.  This idea might not be local to the city, but it would allow for a variety of options at one concession stand or area.  Plus, there is nothing better than a good burrito. 

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The Pigeons have many options they can choose from when picking the food vendors, concessions, and restaurants for the stadium, and plenty of time too.  These are just a few options New York City FC should consider, but when all is said and done, the chicken bucket is a must.