NYCFC stars finally align

Well, it was the moment everyone was waiting for as New York City F.C‘s big three showed their worth against the Philadelphia Union. In a must-win situation, all of NYCFC’s  designated players led the way as Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa scored all three goals.

Since this star studded squad came together, that was the expectation. Yesterday wasn’t our imagination, it was reality and it was beautiful to watch–especially Lampard’s goal. The 37-year old has been under some harsh criticism since arriving and even harsher in this 2016 campaign.

From a long and confusing injury report to appearing on BBC for the 2016 Euro, Lampard hasn’t been a fan favorite. Back when the New York Red Bulls scored seven on NYCFC, Lampard touched the field for the first time this year and really heard it from the supporters as boos were heard all around the stadium.

Yesterday was a complete different scene as he got the start, scored a goal and left with the supporters cheering his name.

For Villa, the club captain netted his league leading 11th goal and had a typical day in the office. Villa has been the backbone of this club since it’s very first day of existence and every week he never gives the supporters or his team for that matter less than 100 percent.

He creates chances and even takes some wild ones particularly in yesterday’s match with his 50 yard shot that hit the crossbar. It may have been a wild shot, but Villa’s awareness was through the roof and took advantage of the keeper coming off his line.

The third designated player and lastly, but not least, Pirlo. The Italian Maestro netted a beauty of a goal and it was evidently the game winner. It was a moment that Pirlo deserved since his arrival in the states as it was his first ever MLS goal.

It was the kind of shot that we were all accustomed to back in his day with Juventus. Just outside the box, Pirlo swerved the ball past the wall leaving the keeper with only one option–to watch.

It was a historical match for this club and the supporters and hopefully, there’s more to come.