Can NYCFC make a move for Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Well, the rumor is now true, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is crossing the Atlantic and coming over to the MLS. After recent reports, the Swedish forward will not extend his contract with Paris Saint Germain and will become a free agent this summer.

When the word spread out that Ibrahimovic will leave Paris, the rumor that he will come to the MLS seemed unrealistic and unlikely. Teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea were coming up as Ibrahimovic expressed his interests in playing for an English club when his career is comes to an end.

Months have gone by and supposedly the 34-year old has changed his mind.

The three MLS teams that have been known to bring high priced talent are the New York Red BullsLA Galaxy and your’s truly, New York City F.C. The two teams that have the biggest problem with this Zlatan story is NYCFC and the Galaxy.

A team is only allowed to have three designated players and both clubs have those spots filled up. NYCFC acquired the services of David Villa, Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard while the Galaxy has Steven Gerrard, Robbie Keane and Giovani Dos Santos.

Multiple reports are saying that the Galaxy have already entered talks with Ibrahimovic and that they’re almost “90 percent” certain that they’ll capture the forward.

Where does this leave NYCFC? Is there anyway possible that they could terminate one of their designated player contracts in order to bring in Ibrahimovic.

You have three choices, but we all know the obvious answer.

Lampard is the highest paid player on the club, but hasn’t touched the field this year and you have to wonder what the plan is. His $6 million contract is the fifth highest in the league and his contract ends this year in December and should the club decide to let him go early, they will have to break the bank.

If Lampard is not here next summer, which seems more likely everyday, NYCFC might possibly pull off this Ibrahimovic deal, but it will come at a heavy price. There’s no doubt that the center forward   has high demands.

The though of having Ibrahimovic up front with Villa is just beautiful, but honestly, does NYCFC need another offensive designated player?