Top 5 reasons to attend NYCFC home games

  • NYCFC will play their first home game of the year later this week
  • Here are five reasons to attend home games in Queens and the Bronx
NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC has a few years to go before the team opens their future home. The new stadium is expected to open in 2027, so until then, most matches will be played at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

The Pigeons will play their home opener this weekend against the Portland Timbers. Regardless of how the team is doing, there are always reasons to attend NYCFC home games. Red Bull Arena is of course not included in this conversation, but it does not matter whether it is in Queens or the Bronx.

There are many reasons to go to NYCFC home games, but some stand out more than others. Here are the top five reasons.

Top 5 reasons to attend NYCFC home games

1. The first reason fans should attend NYCFC home games is to watch their team play in person. Some years will be great and others will be rough. It is important to always support the team through the good and bad times. One never knows what will happen during a game as well. It could be one of those matches where the Pigeons have a great comeback. Also, the experience of watching the team live in a stadium is an experience like no other.

2. Another reason to go to home games is to be with friends, family, and other NYCFC supporters. There is nothing better than cheering on a team with people you love and know. The experience is enhanced by being surrounded by fellow fans. Everyone can get together and share the commonality of being fans of the same team.

3. This is specific to Yankee Stadium, but the Chicken Bucket is a must. The amount of chicken and fries one gets in a bucket, the fact it can be shared, and the fact it is delicious are reasons to get a Chicken Bucket and see NYCFC in person.

4. The Pigeons do not have the Messi factor like Inter Miami CF or the celebrity ownership of LAFC, but fans never know who will show up to a match. Sometimes former players, athletes of other sports, or musicians will show up. Even Manchester City FC head coach Pep Guardiola has been at Yankee Stadium. It is always cool to see who will be at the games.

5. Finally, the last reason is for the future. No, it is not about attending NYCFC fixtures down the road. Rather, it is about baseball stadiums. The majority of the home games will be at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Therefore, supporters who have been with the club since the beginning or those who are newer to the team can tell people later on that they attended soccer games at baseball stadiums. Sure, the rest of the league can complain all they want, but this is unique to NYCFC. One day, this fact will be a historical aspect of the club. That is why supporters should attend games now before the move to the future stadium.