10 reasons why fans should tune in to NYCFC's 10th season

  • NYCFC will play the club's tenth MLS season in 2024
  • Here are ten reasons why fans should tune in
NYCFC / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC's tenth season in Major League Soccer is just a few short days away. The Pigeons will kick off the year away to Charlotte FC with an improved roster, but concerns and questions remain. It does not help that there is negative sentiment towards Nick Cushing either.

After a tough 2023, fans are still hopeful that this season will be better. As mentioned, it is also their tenth season of playing in the league. As such, it is an exciting time, and there is plenty to look forward to.

It cannot be guaranteed that 2024 will be a good year. Anything can happen in the beautiful game. No matter what, supporters should continue to tune in and watch NYCFC.

Here are ten reasons why.

10 reasons to tune in to NYCFC

1. There are still plenty of fan favorites on the team. While there was a mass exodus heading into and during 2023, players like James Sands, Keaton Parks, and Santiago Rodríguez remain with NYCFC. New players also have a chance to become fan favorites.

2. It is the tenth season after all. Supporters should celebrate the club and watch how they perform in 2024.

3. Supporters should tune in and see what happens with Talles Magno. This can be the season where he finally blossoms into the player everyone expects him to be. Of course, Cushing has to play him as a winger and not a striker. The end of the last season hinted the Brazilian has the potential to return to his talented ways.

4. On the topic of Cushing, will he survive the season? There is a common belief that he should have limited time to prove himself. The head coach really should have been sacked at the end of the previous campaign. Instead, NYCFC is sticking with their man. Hopefully, the club will not give him the entire year.

5. Supporters should tune in to games to see whether the players can turn some draws into wins. There were too many draws that felt like losses last year.

6. This is more of a reason to head to games at Yankee Stadium, but most fans can probably agree that the Chicken Bucket is a pretty good sell.

7. Speaking about stadiums and attending games, the community and friendship amongst supporters is another reason to go to games in person. Things could turn dark rather quickly for NYCFC, but there is nothing better than being with others who share a love for the Bronx and Queens team.

8. No one will want to miss the Hudson River Derby. The matches against the New York Red Bulls will be a popular and exciting part of the schedule. These fixtures will be highly attended and watched. Plus, it does not matter whether one or both teams are doing well or poorly; the real New York team and fake New York team will always play hotly contested matches.

9. NYCFC recently signed Jovan Mijatović, and his potential and capabilities make him one of the most exciting signings in years. Supporters will want to see whether he can become the prolific goal-scorer that is desperately needed.

10. Finally, everyone should tune in to NYCFC's tenth season of play to see whether they can rebound and make the playoffs in 2024.