Three players that could leave NYCFC in the summer of 2024

  • NYCFC has already seen the departure of Andres Jasson
  • This summer is not expected to be busy but there can still be more departures
  • Here are 3 players who could leave this summer
Justin Haak of NYCFC
Justin Haak of NYCFC / Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The summer transfer window in Major League Soccer will be here before fans know it, and New York City FC will likely be involved.  Although it is not expected to be busy for the Pigeons, some players have the possibility or likelihood of departing. 

In addition, there are some players who fans can see leaving due to the lack of playing time.  They could be sold, traded, or even loaned out to another team.  If a move is outside the league, the player could leave earlier based on the transfer window of their new league.  Otherwise, the summer window in Major League Soccer opens on July 18 and closes on August 14.  It is during this time trades or moves within the league can occur.

It is also the time the Pigeons can register players from other leagues.  Recently, it was discussed what NYCFC needs to do this summer.  The team could utilize a departure to make a move.  Again, it is not expected to be a busy summer, but at least one or two players will be on the move.  Andres Jasson has already left the team, so who will join him?

Here is a look at three players who could leave NYCFC this summer.

3 NYCFC players that could be gone by the end of the summer

1. Talles Magno

At this rate, it is more of a given that Talles Magno’s days are numbered.  He revealed he is not getting playing time, implying his relationship with Nick Cushing is soured.  Then, the rumors about him returning to Brazil are in full swing.

There are some reports connecting him to Clube Atlético Mineiro in Brazil.  There is some mixed reporting that it could not happen, but it is a team that has been mentioned plentifully on social media and in the news.  There were even a few reports that his old club, Vasco de Gama, made contact as well.

It is unfortunate the winger’s NYCFC career will end this way.  NYCFC was partially at fault for how he developed poorly by playing him as a striker for too long.  He could have been one of the best wingers in MLS, but instead, this happened.  Hopefully, Magno will turn into a star and be the player fans always thought he would turn into.

2. Justin Haak

NYCFC Homegrown Justin Haak, like Jasson, has barely played this season.  To this date, he has appeared for a mere 85 minutes in MLS.  The depth in the midfield means he would be one of the last choices to play there.  As a center-back, there has not been too much of a reason for him to play, even though the position is thin in the depth department.  Even so, for players where playing as a center-back is second, Tayvon Gray and James Sands are ahead of him.

As such, it would not be shocking if Haak left NYCFC this summer.  He would be a great player to utilize in a trade for a natural center-back or left-back, which are two positions that would help strengthen the backline.  Moreover, he is talented enough that he could see more minutes elsewhere. 

Haak could also be sold to another team, especially in the USL Championship.  Likely, he would be a starter in that league.  Perhaps he could start on another MLS team as well.  Nonetheless, the Homegrown player could easily be on the move in July or August.

3. Jovan Mijatović

Sadly, Jovan Mijatović cannot be left off this list.  The striker was supposed to come to NYCFC and be a star.  It was expected he would have started more matches, but instead, he has started twice and made seven appearances.  A player of his caliber and talent should not be wasted on the bench.  He has been a professional, but how long can the Serbian wait?

Although, it is unlikely that Mijatović will leave after just joining the team.  One can never know if he will try to force NYCFC and City Football Group’s hand by moving elsewhere.  He was starting games in Serbia and playing in the Champions League, so this is probably not sitting well with him.

Hopefully, Mijatović will find his stride this summer and be known more than just Raquinho's keeper.