What positions should NYCFC go after in the 2024 summer transfer window?

  • The summer transfer window will open in July
  • NYCFC should bring in a few players to fortify the roster
  • What positions should they sign players for?
Kevin O'Toole of NYCFC
Kevin O'Toole of NYCFC / John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The summer will be here before anyone blinks, and New York City FC will have to start thinking about the upcoming transfer window. The secondary transfer window, or the summer window, will open on July 18 and close on August 14. Teams will be able to announce signings before the opening. However, players cannot register before this period, including free agents.

While there is about a month and a half to go, NYCFC should be considering which positions they would like to sign. It could be players who add depth or who are signed to compete with those who are current starters or everyday players. It is unlikely this summer will be as busy as 2023. Still, some moves should be made, especially if there are any departures, expected or otherwise. But what does the Bronx side need?

As always, if there is an extremely talented player who would like to come to NYCFC and the team wants him, then the club should make that move. It does not matter the position; there is always room for growth. Signing a European star could increase the attendance levels and bring more attention to the club. Alas, anyone who is extremely talented is the way to go.

NYCFC should add players to the defense

However, one position NYCFC should add depth to is the left-back spot. Currently, the only left-backs are Kevin O'Toole and Christian McFarlane, with McFarlane playing mostly with NYCFC II. It is somewhat shocking he has not gotten a chance with the first team yet, which makes one wonder whether Nick Cushing believes he is ready. Then, Birk Risa can play as a left-back, but obviously, he is needed as a center-back.

Therefore, NYCFC should sign a left-back that can either act as depth or competition with O'Toole. Ideally, it would be the latter. O'Toole has improved significantly, where he earned his contract extension before the 2024 season. Yet, there is little to no competition at this time. Having another left-back would force him to work harder to keep his spot. At the same time, one must always be concerned about an injury. It would be smart to have two that could regularly play just in case.

NYCFC should also add another center-back for depth. Strahinja Tanasijević is the only one who is a natural center-back behind Thiago Martins and Risa. Tayvon Gray can step in as needed and does well. However, in the case of more than one injury, James Sands and Justin Haak would have to step in. That is why having another center-back would solidify the position.

While NYCFC does not necessarily need another forward at this time, it would not hurt to bring in another versatile player who can play in the midfield and attack. This would add more depth to the team. Some might argue and say the club should bring in another striker. Alonso Martínez has proved he can play there as well as the wings.

Nevertheless, if there is a proven veteran who is available and would like to join NYCFC, then there would be no complaints. No one knows how many goals Mounsef Bakrar will score and Jovan Mijatović has barely played. Many thought the Serbian player would come in and score numerous goals right away. The lack of minutes is to blame, but Cushing could be slowly introducing him to the league.

NYCFC will probably not bring in too many players this summer. Of course, shocking departures can happen. Hopefully, the Pigeons will prepare just in case. A player or two in the defense is a must though.