Is Thiago Martins the official captain for NYCFC?

  • Nick Cushing, as he did in 2023, did not name a captain for the 2024 season
  • Thiago Martins wore the armband in the match against Charlotte FC
  • Is the center-back the new captain?
Thiago Martins of NYCFC
Thiago Martins of NYCFC / David Jensen/GettyImages

When New York City FC began the 2023 season, Nick Cushing did not want to name a captain. Instead, he felt there were enough leaders where one did not have to be named. Despite this idea, Maxime Chanot, for the majority of the games before he left, took over the armband. Everyone always felt the center-back was a leader of the team, including when Sean Johnson was captain.

When Chanot left NYCFC, Thiago Martins took over the armband. He was declared the captain for the rest of the season. Cushing never said anything, but the Brazilian wore the armband.

So, in the new season, many wondered who would be the captain. Once again, there has been no declaration. However, in the first match against Charlotte FC, Martins was the captain.

Thiago Martins is the NYCFC captain

Does that mean Martins is officially the captain? One can assume that is the case. Yet, the team nor Cushing has said anything. Most teams name a captain for the season, but it is difficult for the Pigeons to do so. They can even name vice-captains like FC Barcelona does every year.

While Martins has not been named the NYCFC captain, he certainly has grown over the last season. He has shown leadership qualities similar to Chanot. He directs his teammates on the pitch and is always ready to defend them. He knows how to keep his cool. Like the former captain, the center-back has a leader-like aura that surrounds him.

Martins has also grown as a player. He improved his quality of play, which alludes to his hard work in training and off the pitch. Leaders should always show others diligence in their craft, for that will inspire others to improve their own. Additionally, he appears to be approachable from a fan point of view. A captain should always be that way.

Truthfully, the question of whether he should be a Designated Player remains. Currently, Martins is not the best center-back in Major League Soccer. Nevertheless, his improvement and leadership have proved he is worthy of being a player for NYCFC. He is also worthy of wearing the captain's armband.

Hence, fans should declare Martins as the captain.