Maxime Chanot is basically the New York City FC captain

Atlas FC v New York City FC - 2022 Campeones Cup
Atlas FC v New York City FC - 2022 Campeones Cup / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

New York City FC fans were not happy with so many fan favorites departing the club this offseason.  Unfortunately, that included the captain, Sean Johnson, who signed with Toronto FC.  Hence, the Pigeons needed to name a new captain, and there is only one name that deserves the honor: Maxime Chanot.

Not only is the veteran a talented defender, but he has always been a leader on and off the pitch.  He wears the NYCFC crest with pride, and always gives 110% in every single match.  He is never afraid to take risks, and has put his body on the line multiple times throughout the years. 

Chanot is also extremely intelligent when it comes to the beautiful game.  He can read the game well, but his knowledge can be passed to his teammates too, especially the younger players.  In many preseason press conferences, he has stressed the importance of himself and other experienced players setting good examples on how to be a NYCFC player, and a good footballer overall. 

Maxime Chanot is the New York City FC captain, despite no official announcement

In addition, Chanot can be calm and collected when needed, but is not afraid to express his emotions, especially in the middle of a New York City FC game.  He will fight for his teammates, and that is a main requirement for someone to be a captain.  In other words, he puts others before himself. 

So, the center-back should be named the captain. In some sense, he already is, since he has worn the armband for the first three matches of the season. During those fixtures, his leadership was clearly on display, and he directed his teammates throughout the matches.

Hence, it is surprising that NYCFC has not made an official announcement. Fans would have thought the team would have said something by now, for they always made an announcement when a new captain was named.

Notably, it is possible the team has not offficially decided by now, but that would be a bad look, both externally and internally. The season is ongoing, so he should be named if he is wearing the armband. If it is temporary, then that would explain why there has been silence from the club.

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No matter the reason, New York City FC should come out and name Chanot as the fourth captain in the club's history. It is only right, and he deserves the honor.