NYCFC vs Charlotte FC live: Tracking MLS Opening Day 2024

  • Follow along with Skyscraper Blues as we cover the match between NYCFC and Charlotte FC
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It has been a long offseason for New York City FC. After the team was confirmed to miss the playoffs last year for the first time since 2015, everyone thought Nick Cushing would be on his way out. That was not the case, for he will lead the Pigeons as they open up the 2024 season.

NYCFC is opening the new campaign against Charlotte FC. It is the first road match of the season, which is not an ideal way to start. The Bronx side is known for their road struggles, so there is a question of whether they can steal all three points.

Nonetheless, the visitors are the better team on paper. The players should have a chance. However, anything can happen in the beautiful game.

Can't watch the game? Skyscraper Blues has you covered. To follow along throughout the match, just refresh the page. We will track the fixture and offer thoughts on the season opener.

Tracking NYCFC and Charlotte FC live

Before the fixture

  • Happy Opening Day!! We are about an hour away from the start of the 2024 season.
  • The Starting XI is out. Most players are the expected starters, but interestingly enough, Nick Cushing has gone with Hannes Wolf.
  • Talles Magno is on the bench. One can only hope the reason was due to his slight knock during preseason...
  • Jovan Mijatović is on the bench!
  • Meanwhile, it is vital to give a shoutout to the city of Charlotte. That support in the crowd is incredible!

The first half

1' The time is here! NYCFC is kicking off the 2024 season! Also, Thiago Martins is wearing the captain's armband to start the season.
3' The 24/7 kits look amazing on TV. Meanwhile, Birk Risa had a scary moment when he gave the ball away. At least Charlotte could not capitalize on the moment with the shot from Brecht Dejaegere.
7' Matt Freese and the defense have been too busy to start the match.
8' Charlotte has scored. NYCFC has once again reminded everyone about their struggles with defending the set pieces. Adilson Malanda scored the goal after the corner kick. 1-0 to the home side.

11' The Pigeons just look shaky right now.
15' NYCFC gave up another corner kick, but thankfully they were able to clear and move the ball up the pitch. Yet, Mounsef Bakrar took a poor shot that was nowhere near the goal.
18' Risa and Kevin O'Toole both headed the ball away which led to it going out. It looked like there was room for O'Toole to send it up the pitch.
19' The midfield is out of sync.

22' O'Toole, Risa, and James Sands worked well together to clear the ball. O'Toole's speed has been decent as well.
25' NYCFC earned a free kick after a foul on Julián Fernández.
26' The free kick is taken by Santiago Rodríguez, and the ball goes out for a corner kick. Subsequently, nothing came from the corner kick.
29' The Bronx side is getting into the game. They are starting to maintain more possession.
30' O'Toole is doing well to get forward.

31' The Crown looks relaxed. This would be a good time to attack with all of the team's might.
34' A few defensive mishaps have led to chances by Charlotte. Thankfully, when O'Toole gave up the ball, Enzo Copetti could not get on the other end of the ball.
35' Fernández had a shot that was saved and sent out of play for a corner kick. Of course, the Pigeons could not do anything.
39' At first, it was confusing why Wolf was starting. But he has been pretty decent in his first MLS game.
40' Rodríguez has won a free kick!

41' The midfielder took the free kick, but Bakrar could not get on the end of it.
42' The referee gave another free kick right outside the box for a handball. It is a bit suspicious of a call, but the Pigeons will take it!
43' Rodríguez took the free kick, but it hit the wall.
45' + 1' O'Toole had another ball into the box, but there was no NYCFC player there to meet it.

  • That is the end of the first half. Charlotte FC leads NYCFC 1-0.


  • At the half, NYCFC has six shots, with three on target.
  • The Pigeons also controlled 56.9% of the possession.
  • The squad improved as the half went on, but more is needed.

The second half

46' Time for a fresh 45 minutes. Can NYCFC score? It does not look great when Dejaegere has in the first minute for the home team.
47' Charlotte came out of the locker room strong...

51' If the Pigeons are still down, then Cushing better bring someone on soon...
55' Rodríguez took a shot that went over the bar. It is nice to see him trying.
57' Bakrar had a chance on goal, but that went over. On a positive note, the teamwork leading to the shot was a promising moment.

62' Bakrar tried to pass to Wolf, but it was blocked. He had such a nice run. Meanwhile, Cushing is making his first change early! Mijatović is on for Fernández.
63' VAR review is going on...
64' Charlotte has been awarded a penalty kick.
66' Kerwin Vargas takes it, and Freese makes the save!! The score remains 1-0.
69' Free kick for the Crown after a weak foul was called on Sands. The kick is taken, but it is a weak shot.
70' Freese with a huge stop The goalkeeper left his goal, made himself big in the box, and did the job that was needed to keep Vargas out of the goal.

73' Mijatović has been quiet thus far. It appears he and Bakrar are playing as two strikers.
74' Another sub for the Pigeons, with Tayvon Gray coming on for Mitja Ilenič. It would have been nicer to see Magno, but okay...
76' Shot by Rodríguez goes over again. This time he really should have scored, for it was mostly a free goal when the ball fell to him.

81' It would be nice for Cushing to bring on an attacker.
82' Mijatović just tried to put the ball towards goal, but it was an easy grab for the Charlotte goalkeeper.
84' Bakrar just made a beautiful run and did not allow a Charlotte defender to bring him down or get the ball. He put the ball into the box, but again, no one was there. Also, Mago is on for Wolf!
85' Magno has his first shot.
88' Gray had added plenty of energy to the right side since coming on.

90' + 1' NYCFC needs more urgency. With five minutes of stoppage time, time is ticking.

  • That is the game. NYCFC falls to Charlotte, 1-0.
  • Thank you for following along.