Put a pizza place in NYCFC's future stadium!

-NYCFC should have a pizza place in their new stadium
Pizza, NYCFC

Happy National Pizza Day!

National Pizza Day is celebrated every year on February 9.  If there is one food New York City and the tri-state area knows, then it is the delicious pie that is eaten for meals and not dessert.  This includes New York City FC fans. 

Many are from, lived, or moved to the pizza capital of the world.  Hence, many have eaten pizza, and they know that pizza quality declines once one leaves the area around New York City.  Some might even call themselves pizza snobs and will not eat the food anywhere outside of the tri-state area.  Why would NYCFC fans order pizza if they visit Orlando or Austin to see the Pigeons play?

In fact, pizza is a major part of the food culture of New York City.  There is no question the melting pot has led to numerous food items from countries all over the world.  But pizza is on another level. 

NYCFC needs pizza in their future stadium

Over a year ago, NYCFC announced their new stadium.  This led to numerous pieces on the future home, and one was the food the Pigeons should have in Queens.  Pizza was one of the top options, but even before then, it was thought the team should go further.

In honor of the holiday, National Pizza Day, it was thought to bring back the following idea: NYCFC should put a pizza place in the new stadium.  It is the perfect stadium food; many locals and fans love it.   

It is vital the club does not allow a chain to be a part of the stadium.  Since the Pigeons are always looking to work with the local community, they should bring in a popular pizza place from Queens.  Or, they can find someone who can make true New York pizza from the city and open up a NYCFC pizza place. 

The stadium could have a little restaurant area or stand; it does not matter.  What matters is that the pizza is local.

It would also be great if fans could buy all the different kinds of pizza they are used to buying at their local pizza joints and restaurants.  It would be cool if there is a specific slice that is unique to the club.  Of course, other food items should be available, like garlic knots and meatball heroes.    

What are your thoughts?  Should NYCFC have a pizza place in the stadium?