NYCFC releases first renderings of the future stadium in Queens

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New York City FC must have known they were going to lose on Wednesday. During halftime of the U.S. Open Cup match, the team released a first look the future home of the Pigeons. The recent renderings of what the stadium might look like took social media by storm and rightfully so.

Overall, it seemed most fans had positive views of the stadium renderings. The club released them by putting out a post for fans to sign up for city memberships to "secure your spot in NYCFC’s new stadium". In all honesty, it was an interesting time to release the images, but nonetheless, it was the right move. It helped ease the pain of another road loss.

NYCFC released new stadium renderings on Wednesday

New York City FC supporters should be excited by what the club released. The images are stunning, and it looks like the stadium will be a place that takes one's breath away.

The renderings also confirm the club's plan to build a modern stadium. Although, it would be ideal to blend the stadium's look with the Willets Points area, and represent both the past and future. Of course, it is always possible these ideas can change, for they are only stadium renderings. Nothing is set in stone.

Like other recently built soccer-specific stadiums in the United States, it does appear lighting will be a major factor, both outside and inside the stadium. The building will likely look incredible at night, and the City Blue will highlight the future home.

NYCFC also looks to be planning a City Square area for supporters to gather, eat, and hang out. This might be the opportunity to go with a name like Pigeons' Square, and officially make the Pigeon the mascot of the team. Yet, the club is a part of City Football Group, so City Square might have to be the way to go.

The recent renderings also highlighted the future buildings, from affordable housing to the hotel. Moreover, it showed how the stadium will be right across from Citi Field.

Inside, there will be some covering from the weather elements, and the area of blue smoke might express where the supporters' sections will be. The layout of the 25,000 seats will differ around the pitch. Plus, do the images reveal that the dimensions might be on the smaller side? In other words, will the club try to be close to the size at Yankee Stadium?

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The recent stadium renderings are incredible, and it just proves that the road to the new home is coming into fruition. New York City FC still has time to tinker with the design, but these images reveal the general look of the new stadium.