NYCFC in the 2024 MLS SuperDraft: Tracking the draft live

-NYCFC only has two picks, but follow along with the MLS SuperDraft
NYCFC shirt, MLS logo
NYCFC shirt, MLS logo / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Today, New York City FC and the rest of the teams in Major League Soccer are participating in the 2024 MLS SuperDraft. The teams will select the best of the eligible college players. The draft is not the end-all when it comes to building a team, but sometimes, a solid player or star can be found.

In the case of NYCFC, they should use the draft to find a solid center-back and a striker for depth purposes. The Pigeons have only two picks this year, pending any trades before and during the draft. At the same time, they have the eighth overall pick. This means there is a higher chance of finding someone who can be an impact player in MLS.

Will NYCFC utilize their draft picks in the right way? Will they actually sign any of their draft picks this year? These are questions that will eventually be answered. However, this is a good time to invest in the SuperDraft after a tough 2023 season.

So, follow along with Skyscraper Blues as the MLS SuperDraft takes place. It begins at 3 PM. This post will be updated as NYCFC makes the picks.

Following NYCFC in the MLS SuperDraft

Before the SuperDraft

NYCFC is probably getting ready for the SuperDraft at this time. It does not begin until 3 PM, but MLS Soccer has its mock draft for the first round. As mentioned, the Pigeons should pick a center-back or striker. Yet, MLS has the club picking Ousmane Sylla from Clemson University. The player is a central midfielder.

It is an interesting pick, especially because the team is not thin in the midfield. Nonetheless, it is only a mock draft. It does not mean NYCFC will select the Clemson player.

The MLS SuperDraft

15:08 The SuperDraft is about to begin! Toronto FC gets the first pick, so NYCFC will not have to wait long. The Apple TV MLS crew is talking about the changes of this year's edition to start.
15:15: They just had a little thing on Jack Harrison. The former NYCFC player spoke about living the dream.

15:36: The draft is officially beginning. Toronto FC is on the clock.
15:40: The first pick of the MLS SuperDraft is Tyrese Spicer of Lipscomb University. There are only a few picks before NYCFC is on the clock.

16:13 NYCFC is on the clock.
16:16: The pick is in!
16:19: With the eighth overall pick, the Pigeons have selected Malachi Jones from Lipscomb University. The sophomore is a forward, and he started ten times in 17 matches this season. He had five goals and 12 assists.
16:24: Jones was not a pick many would have expected. Truthfully, a center-back may have been the right way to go.

16:36: Time for a break until the third round. Of course, if a trade occurs, then Skyscraper Blues will be back sooner.

18:31: The SuperDraft TV coverage has concluded. The rest of the draft can be followed online. As of now, there are still no trades by NYCFC.

19:04: In the third round, NYCFC has selected another forward. They picked Taylor Calheira from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, or UMBC. The senior is a striker, so the Pigeons have finally drafted one.
19:08: Calheira scored 32 goals across four seasons, including ten this season. He started all 16 games in 2023 as well. This is a pick where it is good the Pigeons drafted a striker, but he will have to be seen in preseason.

The draft has concluded. There will be a reaction piece tomorrow. Until then, have a great night, New York City FC fans!