What does NYCFC need in the 2024 MLS SuperDraft?

-The MLS SuperDraft will take place on Tuesday

-What does NYCFC need for their roster?

Luis Barraza of NYCFC
Luis Barraza of NYCFC / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

The MLS SuperDraft will take place on Tuesday, and New York City FC has two picks in this year's edition. The Pigeons are still rebuilding their roster and desperately need a stronger Starting XI and a deeper bench.

While it is unknown and unlikely that NYCFC will draft a superstar, the club should still use the SuperDraft to add to the roster. There are a few positions where more players are needed. But what does NYCFC need?

NYCFC needs center-backs and strikers

One position that NYCFC should draft is a center-back. The position is still thin, especially after Maxime Chanot's departure. Therefore, this should be the top priority in the draft. The Pigoens must choose a player who can immediately step into the center-back role if needed. They should also be a player that is regularly a part of the match-day squad. In other words, the player needs to be someone who could potentially be a starter in the case of injury but mainly can come on as a substitute.

Another position NYCFC should consider drafting is a striker. This player would be for depth only and might be best suited with NYCFC II. The club needs to bring in a starting striker to compete with Mounsef Bakrar, but it is unlikely a player from the SuperDraft can be a starting MLS striker in their first year.

Truthfully, NYCFC should invest in drafting a center-back in the first round. Strikers could be signed via free agency or when the transfer window opens. There is a higher chance of finding a talented center-back in the draft who can make an impact over a striker. Moreover, this would allow the Pigeons to save some money regarding the salary cap.

Undoubtedly, the SuperDraft is not the place to build or rebuild a team in MLS. If a club is lucky, then sometimes they will find a starter. Many will also argue the draft is outdated. In many ways, that is the correct view.

The draft is a place where one can find depth and potential. New York City FC should use both picks to help build the roster for 2024.