The 2024 MLS SuperDraft: What should NYCFC fans know?

-The MLS SuperDraft is Tuesday

-What should NYCFC fans know about the 2024 edition?

Kevin O'Toole of NYCFC
Kevin O'Toole of NYCFC / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

New York City FC and other Major League Soccer teams will participate in the MLS SuperDraft on Tuesday. The annual event will allow clubs to pick college players eligible for the draft. Notably, most selections will never play a minute in the league. However, there is always the chance a regular player or star can be drafted.

NYCFC often forgoes signing the majority of their picks. Yet, they have had some luck with the draft. Luis Barraza and Kevin O'Toole were initially drafted and are on the roster. Of course, the best pick out of the draft was Jack Harrison, who is currently with Everton F.C. after spending many years with Leeds United. Although, Chicago Fire FC drafted him, and then the Pigeons traded for him immediately after.

Meanwhile, NYCFC is still rebuilding after the mass exodus of players before and during the 2023 season. As such, the team should invest in the draft this year, especially since they have a higher pick for the first time in years.

What should NYCFC fans know about the SuperDraft? Here is some vital information to know about this year's event.

When is the SuperDraft?

The SuperDraft will take place on Tuesday, December 19 at 3 PM.

Can NYCFC fans watch the SuperDraft?

NYCFC fans and everyone else can watch the draft on Apple TV via the MLS Season Pass. In the past, supporters could watch it for free on MLS Soccer's website.

How many rounds is the draft?

There are three rounds in the SuperDraft. The league reduced the draft from four rounds to three in 2021. In total, there will be 87 selections. About 400 college students will be available to pick from.

How many picks does NYCFC have?

NYCFC has two picks this year. One is in the first round, and the other is in the third. The Pigeons will have the eighth overall pick, so they can possibly draft one of the more talented players in the pool.

Will NYCFC sign their draft picks?

As mentioned above, NYCFC does not sign many of their draft picks. At the same time, they can find someone who might do well in MLS. This year, with two picks, the Pigeons need depth. Therefore, it would not hurt to sign the players, even if they are sent to play with NYCFC II.

Is there anything else to know about the SuperDraft or NYCFC?

There are a few more things to know about the SuperDraft. This year, MLS made changes to who can be picked in the draft. For the first time, current sophomores and juniors can be considered for the draft. Previously, only seniors and Generation Adidas players could be picked by teams. This expands the player pool. Also, those who could not sign Homegrown deals do not have to wait until their senior year or a Generation Adidas contract.

In addition, players who left after the 2022 season with college eligibility to play in one of the lower leagues can also be drafted. Then, like in the past, freshmen who sign Generation Adidas contracts can be drafted.

New York City FC, with their lowest draft pick in years, can pick someone who could make an impact in the 2024 season. It is possible they could make trades with their picks, which would not be shocking by any means. Supporters will have to wait and see what the Pigeons do in the 2024 MLS SuperDraft.