The new stadium renderings released by NYCFC are terrific

-On Monday, NYCFC released an update regarding the stadium process

-This release included new stadium renderings

NYCFC at Yankee Stadium
NYCFC at Yankee Stadium / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC released a stadium update earlier this week. The Willets Point Project, which includes the club's future home, will begin the Uniform Land Use Review Process. This will allow the public to review the plan. Hopefully, this will bring the Pigeons closer to their new stadium.

In addition, NYCFC released new renderings of what the building and area will look like. This comes after the first pictures were released in May. In total, four were released. All of them are terrific and well-thought-out.

The latest NYCFC stadium renderings highlight new details

One of the NYCFC renderings shows what the stadium is expected to look like from a bird's-eye view. It highlights how it will be right across the street from Citi Field. Plus, many of the new buildings that are a part of the project surround the future home. While it is not specifically said, anything new to the area is lit up. Anything that is currently there has a slight blur to the buildings.

The view from up top continues to confirm that some of the seats will be covered. Hence, many fans can remain where they are when it rains heavily.

The other three renderings highlight the outside of the stadium. They add to the initial images from May. Yet, in what is supposed to be the Supporters area, there is a notable addition to the outside of the building. It shows a pigeon with the year 2013 underneath. For those who are not familiar with the history of the club, 2013 was the year it was founded.

The inclusion of a pigeon on the outside of the stadium means NYCFC appreciates the unofficial team mascot. It also recognizes the numerous pigeons that live throughout all five boroughs. The nickname also grew slowly among the supporters before others began using the Pigeons to describe NYCFC. If the Front Office is smart, then they will make sure a large image of a pigeon is on the stadium in some form or fashion.

Finally, the renderings are terrifically done. The attention to detail is pristine and creative. The current players' faces can be seen in the team store, a section of green on the roof implies there may be a small section of plants or grass, and the high number of fans in some of the images indicates that the club will ensure that the sidewalks around the stadium will be safe.

As always, the designs and plans can always change as New York City FC moves closer to building the actual stadium. The renderings keep the excitement alive and well, for there are still a few more years to wait before the Pigeons can move in.