NYCFC stadium progress update is the perfect news for fans to hear

-NYCFC recently announced an update to the stadium approval process

-This is great news for the supporters and Queens

NYCFC stadium at Yankee Stadium
NYCFC stadium at Yankee Stadium / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC and their search for a stadium location took a long time.  But finally, after years of hope and disappointment, the club announced in November of last year that a stadium would be coming to Queens.  Ideally, it will be ready to go by the start of the 2027 season. 

On Monday, the club announced an update regarding the progress of the stadium process.  The Willets Point Phase 2 Project, which includes the NYCFC stadium, will begin the Uniform Land Use Review Process, or ULURP.  This is a major step in the process of building the stadium.

The ULURP is a standard procedure within New York City.  When there is an application to change a portion of land, it has to be publically reviewed.  This is what the ULURP does, and will also offer a high level of transparency.  This is something supporters and the residents of Queens will appreciate. 

Recently, there was concern regarding the NYCFC’s stadium process.  The Queens Borough president, Donovan Richards, told the media he would withhold approval unless “vendors are returned to Corona Plaza” after the vendor street market was closed down in the plaza.

The NYCFC stadium update is just what fans need

However, an agreement appears to be in place.  Richards voiced his support of the Willets Point project and NYCFC stadium.  He told the following:

"The potential at Willets Point cannot be overstated, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with all our partners to ensure this transcendent project delivers for everyone involved and everyone it will touch in the future.  As this project continues through the land use process, we must all be steadfast in scoring goals not just for those who will eventually call Willets Point home, but also for the surrounding immigrant-heavy communities of Corona and Flushing through capitalizing on local economic development and empowerment opportunities that this effort will generate."

Donovan Richards

Council Member Francisco Moya, one of the biggest supporters of the project and the NYCFC stadium, had this to say:

"We are one step closer to finalizing a project that has it all.  This is a once-in-a-generation project that prioritizes housing in a city that is currently facing a severe housing crisis. It's not just about providing homes but also about creating stable job opportunities, helping alleviate the burden of our neighboring schools which are overcapacity, enhancing open spaces, and establishing a state-of-the-art privately funded soccer stadium, which will act as the economic engine driving this entire vision. I eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with Mayor Eric Adams, development partners, Community Board 7, and all other stakeholders, as well as our dedicated community leaders and members, whose support is essential for a project that simply makes sense."

Francisco Moya

Indeed, it does make sense.  The project gives NYCFC their dream stadium.  More importantly, it will provide access to affordable housing and aid the economy.

Moreover, the approval process is moving on schedule.  New York City is often a difficult place for land and building projects to start moving.  If the Willets Point Project is approved, then NYCFC may have their stadium by 2027.  This is the perfect news for fans to hear, especially during a season that is considered the team’s second-worst in their history.    

New York City FC is one step closer to their stadium.  After years of promises and a lack of transparency by the club, this is an exciting time for the Pigeons.