The new NYCFC secondary kit is perfect in every way

-NYCFC released their new secondary kit, the 24/7 kit

-The clean look makes it one of the top ones released by the Pigeons

NYCFC / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Every year, Major League Soccer clubs rotate between releasing home and away kits for the new season. This year, New York City FC was set to release their away kit after releasing their home jersey last season.

Hence, before the release, it was thought it would be a great idea for the Pigeons to honor their first season of play. 2024 will be their tenth year in MLS, so it made sense to bring back a black kit. The club could do different things with the design, but the new jersey should have a black base.

NYCFC and Skyscraper Blues might have been on the same page. On Thursday, the Pigeons announced their new secondary kit for the 2024 season. And guess what? It is black. It also has a similar yet different look compared to the 2015 away kit, which was only utilized in the inaugural season.

While the Bronx and Queens team did not mention the first away kit, one cannot help but wonder whether the intention was there. Nonetheless, the kit is called the 24/7 kit. It focuses on the nightlife of New York City. In a way, their kit, by its name, highlights the idea of a city that never sleeps.

The 24/7 kit is fantastic and perfect

The club's website states the following about their new athletic wear:

"The new jersey is a tribute to New York's non-stop hustle, vibrant nightlife, and dynamic energy. It's designed to be more than just a game-day uniform, reflecting the city's spirit of moving seamlessly from one activity to another — whether it's hitting the bars, playing soccer with friends, or grabbing a slice of pizza."

It looks like it could be worn anywhere, making it a perfect design. The new jersey is simple and clean. It has both the sky blue and orange stripes on the top of the sleeves and the edges of the jersey. Half of the shirt is dedicated to the orange, and half is dedicated to the sky blue. Then, the writing on the front is in both colors. This is the first time NYCFC had their sponsor, team logo, and Adidas logo in two different colors.

In fact, the jersey just has the logo and not the badge. This is an interesting move and a first for the Bronx side. Yet, it helps with the clean look and feel. The star is still on the top.

The color variation continues on the back of the shirt. The names are in orange, and the numbers are in sky blue. One can also see the color outline from the back for the orange and sky blue switches. Notably, a smaller version of the crest is on the back at the top. Then, the inside has New York City written out near the tag information.

Meanwhile, as it always is, the replica kit is a little different. The jersey does not have a star over the logo, some of the outline is not utilized, there are no sleeve sponsors, and New York City is not written inside the jersey. The clean look remains.

NYCFC has put out some great kits over the years. Some had unique designs, while others were similar to other clubs around the world. The 24/7 kit is clean and simple. Sometimes less is more, and this is true for the new away jersey. It is beautiful and perfect in every way. The thought went into the design, but it was not overdone.

The final test is how the jerseys will look on the pitch and TV. Based on the photos and video released by NYCFC, it will probably look incredible.