Every New York City FC player’s official salary in 2024

  • Here is a list of the NYCFC salaries for 2024
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On Thursday, the MLS Players Association released the 2024 Salary Guide for New York City FC and the rest of Major League Soccer.  The data is based on the rosters as of April 25.

Supporters have access to the base salary and guaranteed compensation. As always, Skyscraper Blues will look at the guaranteed compensation since this is the money players will receive. The total calculation for the club will be based on this as well.

While nobody on the roster makes the money of Lionel Messi, some players make over $1,000,000. In addition, NYCFC sits in 13th place when it comes to salaries around MLS. This puts them right in the middle of the spending table. One would think the team would spend more, but there is the idea that the stadium will limit some spending. Nevertheless, the club can put together a winning team.

This season, NYCFC is spending about $16,542,203 on players' salaries. This shows an increase from 2023, for the Pigeons spent $15,448,629. Players could earn more money in the case specific bonuses are met.

New York City FC will spend about $16.54 million on player salaries in 2024

For the third year running, Thiago Martins is NYCFC's highest earner, for he will make $2,462,000. While he has improved significantly over the last season, the questions of why the team is spending so much money and the Designated Player status on a center-back still exist. Martins is one of the more talented center-backs in the league, but it is hard to argue he is one of the best.

Notably, the next highest earners are Hannes Wolf, who will make $1,510,000, and Santiago Rodríguez, who will make 1,331,333. Five NYCFC players will make above $1,000,000, with 12 of the 33 players listed making $500,000 or more. Seven of the players will make under $100,000, but many of them play predominantly for NYCFC II. The lowest possible salary is $71,401.

Interestingly, some salaries remained the same, like Talles Magno, Rodríguez, and James Sands. Then, some players had a major increase in their salary, like Keaton Parks. The midfielder went from making $550,000 to $970,000. This is likely due to his new contract. Then, Maxi Moralez, who made $1,300,000 in 2022, will make $500,000.

The average salary also went slightly up compared to 2023. NYCFC players make an average of $501,279. Below is a list of the players' salaries. 

1. Goalkeepers

Luis Barraza- $172,688

Matt Freese- $270,000

^Alex Rando- $71,401

Tomás Romero- $71,401

2. Defenders

Drew Baiera- $77,337

Tayvon Gray- $400,000

Rio Hope-Gund- $89,716

Mitja Ilenič- $331,700

Thiago Martins- $2,462,000

^Christian McFarlane- $112,972

Kevin O’Toole- $195,833

Birk Risa- $749,750

Strahinja Tanasijević- $308,750

3. Midfielders

*Nicolás Acevedo- $344,800

^Máximo Carrizo- $123,239

Justin Haak- $165,000

Andres Jasson- $287,144

Maxi Moralez- $500,000

Keaton Parks- $970,000

Andrés Perea- $641,500

Santiago Rodríguez- $1,331,333

James Sands- $1,058,333

^Jonathan Shore- $83,901

4. Forwards

*Thiago Andrade- $219,600

Mounsef Bakrar- $456,720

Julián Fernández- $628,300

Malachi Jones- $71,401

Talles Magno- $1,198,000

Alonso Martínez- $328,483

Jovan Mijatović- $687,500

Agustín Ojeda- $547,833

Hannes Wolf- $1,510,000

^Zidane Yañez- $75,568


*Player is out on loan

^Plays predominantly for NYCFC II and/or is unavailable