Every New York City FC player’s official salary in 2023

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On Tuesday, the MLS Players Association released the 2023 Salary Guide for New York City FC and the rest of Major League Soccer.  The data is based on the rosters as of April 30.

The guide shows both the base salary and guaranteed compensation.  For the sake of this piece, Skyscraper Blues will focus on the guaranteed compensation, for that will be the total of what the players earn this year.

Based on previous seasons, the amount the Pigeons are paying is not toward the top of MLS, but there are a few players earning more than $1,000,000.  However, the salaries are spread out, and there are even some questionable ones on this year’s roster, including both underpaid and overpaid players. 

This season, NYCFC is spending $15,448,629 on their players’ salaries.  This is slightly less compared to last year, where the team spent $15,543,315.  But once the summer transfer window opens, it is assumed that the number will go up. 

New York City FC will spend about $15.45 million on player salaries in 2023

Once again, the highest paid player for New York City FC is Thiago Martins, for he will make $2,112,000.  Some might find it questionable that the highest paid player is a defender, and in some ways, it is.  However, Martins has improved quite a bit in 2023, and hopefully by the end of the season, he will be worth his Designated Player price tag. 

The two notable changes in salary is Maxime Chanot and James Sands.  Chanot’s salary decreased this year, as it was expected.  The center-back will now make $483,333 compared to his $700,000 from 2022.  Sands' salary increased tremendously, for he will make $1,058,333 compared to the $493,956 from last year.  However, he was on loan, so it is unknown how much Rangers F.C. covered with his salary.

Then, of the 31 players who had their salaries released, seven players will make over $1,000,000, with 12 total making over $400,000.  The salaries are still spread out, but compared to last season, there were 14 players making over $500,000.  Arguably, this makes sense since the team is younger. 

In addition, the average salary this season stands at $498,342.87.  Below is a list of all of the players’ salaries.   

1. Goalkeepers

Luis Barraza- $152,688

Matt Freese- $180,000

Cody Mizell- $85,444

2. Defenders

Tony Alfaro- $120,000

^Nico Benalcázar- $68,775

Maxime Chanot- $483,333

Braian Cufré- $757,800

Tayvon Gray- $350,000

Mitja Ilenič- $295,700

Thiago Martins- $2,112,000

^Christian McFarlane- $108,700

Kevin O’Toole- $85,444

^Samuel Owusu- $67,360

3. Midfielders

*Nicolás Acevedo- $274,800

^Máximo Carrizo- $111,597

Justin Haak- $165,000

Andres Jasson- $142,144

Richard Ledezma- $396,000

*Alexandru Mitriță- $1,300,000

Alfredo Morales- $662,250

Keaton Parks- $550,000

Santiago Rodríguez- $1,331,333

James Sands- $1,058,333

^Jonathan Shore- $79,860

4. Forwards

*Thiago Andrade- $219,600

*Valentín Castellanos- $1,176,000

^Jonathan Jimenez- $68,775

Talles Magno- $1,198,000

Matías Pellegrini- $1,120,833

Gabriel Pereira- $659,500

Gabriel Segal- $67,360

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Defender Stephen Turnbull is not included.

*Player is out on loan

^Plays predominantly for NYCFC II