Every New York City FC player’s official salary in 2022

May 18, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; New York City FC midfielder Valent n
May 18, 2022; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; New York City FC midfielder Valent n / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As they do every year, the MLS Players Association recently released the 2022 Salary Guide for Major League Soccer Players, including New York City FC.  The information is as of April 15 of this year, and includes the base salary and guaranteed compensation for every player.  As such, Skyscraper Blues will take a look at the guaranteed compensation of each NYCFC player, and look at the overall spending of the club.    

Now, despite the fact the Pigeons are a City Football Group club, the team actually sits in seventh for the highest team salaries.  Yet, there is no question that NYCFC is intelligent and practical with player investment.  The team is managed well both money wise and talent wise, unlike some teams throughout MLS, who out of fairness, will not be named. 

Unlike those teams, NYCFC has been finding talented players for a great value.  Plus, the salaries of the players are more evenly spread out, which allows for the investment of bright and young talent. 

Nonetheless, that does not mean the Pigeons will not spend money.  Again, they still have the seventh highest payroll in the league, for they are spending $15,543,315 on player salaries. 

New York City FC will spend $15.54 million on player salaries in 2022

In fact, the highest earner on New York City FC is the new center-back, Thiago Martins, for he will make $1,962,000 in 2022.  For those outside of the club, they might find that surprising, for they always hear about Valentín Castellanos.  However, the 2021 Golden Boot winner is not a Designated Player, and Martins is.  The new DP has yet to prove his value though, and has a lot of work to do as the season progresses.   

Meanwhile, Maxi Moralez is no longer a DP, and makes less compared to 2021.  Last season, the midfielder was guaranteed to make $3,285,000, but this year he will make $1,300,000.  Performance wise, he is still his fantastic self, but already has been out more due to injury.  Hence, the new salary was a smart move by NYCFC, for they take into account his age, but also his continuing stellar talent. 

Team wise, the average salary of all 32 players on the payroll, including those on loan, comes out to $485,728.59.  Then, five players make above $1 million, and 14 players make above $500 thousand.  This illuminates New York City FC is willing to pay the players what they are worth. 

Still, as it is seen below, the Pigeons signed some players for a great value, and will likely get a remarkable return in the future when certain players move on in their career. 

1. Goalkeepers

Luis Barraza- $132,688

Sean Johnson- $550,000

Cody Mizell- $85,444

2. Defenders

Malte Amundsen- $308,700

^Nico Benalcázar- $65,500

Alexander Callens- $814,000

Maxime Chanot- $700,000

Christopher Gloster- $238,000

Tayvon Gray- $144,788

Vuk Latinovich- $85,444

Thiago Martins- $1,962,000

Christian McFarlane- $83,756

^Samuel Owusu- $85,444

Anton Tinnerholm- $800,000

3. Midfielders

Nicolás Acevedo- $254,800

Máximo Carrizo- $84,357

Justin Haak- $85,444

Andres Jasson- $117,144

*Alexandru Mitriță- $1,150,000

Alfredo Morales- $662,250

Maxi Moralez- $1,300,000

Keaton Parks- $500,000

Santiago Rodríguez- $612,500

*James Sands- $493,956

Gedion Zelalem- $84,000

4. Forwards

Thiago Andrade- $199,600

Héber Araujo dos Santos- $914,000

Valentín Castellanos- $1,076,000

^Jonathan Jimenez- $65,500

Talles Magno- $1,198,000

Kevin O’Toole- $65,500

Gabriel Pereira- $624,500

*Player is out on loan

^Plays predominantly for NYCFC II