Andrés Perea is here to stay as he permanently joins NYCFC

-NYCFC has permanently acquired Andrés Perea from the Philadelphia Union

-The midfielder enhances the midfield, for he can start and come off the bench

Andrés Perea of NYCFC
Andrés Perea of NYCFC / Stephen Nadler/ISI Photos/GettyImages

New York City FC has technically made the club's first signing outside the team for the new season. On Monday, the Pigeons announced that they have permanently acquired Andrés Perea from the Philadelphia Union. The midfielder initially joined the team on loan over the summer, where he performed well when partnered with Keaton Parks, James Sands, or both players.

Perea permanently joins NYCFC

For Perea to officially join NYCFC, the team sent over $650,000 of General Allocation Money, or GAM. Philadelphia will receive $350,000 this year and the rest next season. If the new signing does well, then the Pigeons would have to send over $150,000 more in performance-based incentives.

After sending over $300,000 for the loan deal, the Pigeons have spent quite a bit on the midfielder. It was definitely worth it to bring him over, for he showed what he could do when he started eight of the final ten games in Major League Soccer last year. But is he worth the price of a possible $1 million? With his recent struggles before his resurgence, the answer would be a resounding no.

In other words, Philadelphia has won this trade since they will receive plenty of GAM over the next two seasons. Still, Perea is a strong addition if he plays similarly to how he played at the end of 2023. His dribbling skills and defensive work were impressive. It will be intriguing to see how he does with a full season with the club.

Meanwhile, Sporting Director David Lee shed a little light on the trade. He said the following:

"Bringing Andrés back to the Club on a permanent basis was one of our key priorities, so we are delighted he returns for the start of preseason. Andrés made a big impression with his performances on the pitch but also how quickly he assimilated into the group and what he brought to the team off the pitch and in the locker room. He is the type of character we wanted to add this offseason and his familiarity with our players, staff and style of play should help his transition this year."

David Lee

Lee is correct that Perea does not require too much of an adjustment after his loan stint. He already knows what Nick Cushing expects and wants from the midfield and team. Moreover, he has created a chemistry with those in the Starting XI.

Putting the money aside, Perea is a fantastic first signing from outside the club. Fans can expect him to start numerous games for NYCFC. More importantly, there is concrete coverage in the defensive midfield with himself, Parks, Sands, and Justin Haak. If anyone is injured, then Cushing can breathe easily knowing there are four players for two defensive midfielder spots. And again, he can also play with Parks and Sands on the pitch.

New York City FC still has work to do with building the roster for 2024. At least they started their preseason by welcoming Perea back.