NYCFC: New Alternate Jersey Coming Soon

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With all the off-season moves going on, there’s still one question that needs to be answered; what will NYCFC‘s jersey look like? For every new campaign, a team announces a new look and in this case, I think we got NYCFC’s answer.

Now there’s no details about the jersey besides the logo that will be red. On the club’s official site and twitter page, the club released a photo of the club’s logo only in red with the quote “Our new secondary jersey coming soon.”

No one knows when will the jersey be out, but we do that a new one is arriving soon. You could only imagine what it can look like with the hint that the club gave us. It could look like the current alternate one now, all back with the light blue lettering and stripes, but instead of the light blue, the color is red.

This latest news kind of puts the rest of the rumors to rest such as an alternative jersey in all navy blue. From the looks of it, it seems as the NYCFC faithful can’t wait for the new jersey as it’s been a long time waiting.

As for the date when the new jerseys will be announced, I could assume it’s going to be mid-week or right after the preseason. It’s very common for teams to display their new look on their preseason tour, especially European clubs.

Nevertheless, NYCFC will have a new secondary jersey and could possibly hold onto the black jerseys as well.