Why is Alexandru Mitriță still listed on the NYCFC roster?

-Alexandru Mitriță is finally no longer a part of NYCFC

-However, for some reason the player is still listed on the roster on NYCFC.com

Former NYCFC player, Alexandru Mitriță
Former NYCFC player, Alexandru Mitriță / DANIEL MIHAILESCU/GettyImages

New York City FC made multiple moves during the secondary transfer window this summer. This included departures like Gabriel Pereira and additions like Birk Risa. The changes in the roster are setting the team up for the remaining matches of the 2023 Major League Soccer season.

Additionally, Alexandru Mitriță departed the club on what was believed to be a free transfer. The Romanian spent a few years on loan after his shocking request to leave NYCFC before the end of the 2020 season. In some ways, he became the player that was forever connected to the Pigeons. It was impossible to find him a permanent home, so he was continuously sent out on loan.

Alexandru Mitriță still listed on the NYCFC roster

Finally, the forward left for CS Universitatea Craiova, the team NYCFC signed him from. However, for some unknown reason, Mitriță is still listed as a player on the team's official roster. It shows that he is on loan, but clearly, he is no longer with the club. He signed a three-year contract with the Romanian side. That is only possible if he is no longer a NYCFC player.

So, why has the club not made an official announcement? Are they embarrassed based on the fact he had to remain a Pigeon and be out on loan all these years? Was there a deal in place to not make an announcement? If they did not want to make an official announcement, then why is he still listed on the team's roster?

It is possible that Mitriță quietly worked out a deal where his contract was terminated early. Truthfully, it was unknown when it was supposed to end, so perhaps the forward initially signed a contract until the end of this season. Still, that does not explain why he is listed on the team's roster. The only possible explanation is that the team does not want to pin any focus on the Romanian and will wait until the end of the season.

This is probably the biggest mystery regarding New York City FC at this point. Mitriță is no longer with the club. In all honesty, remove him from the team's roster. It is a simple edit.