Where did Lynn Williams' goal-scoring boots go?

-Lynn Williams was an important part of Gotham FC's early success

-She has not scored in a few months, so where did the goals go?

Lynn Williams of Gotham FC
Lynn Williams of Gotham FC / Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

NJ/NY Gotham FC has barely made the playoffs after winning only once in their last seven games. In four of those seven, they scored one goal or none. Still, when they had three games left, there was a chance they could finish the year in first place or the top three; all they had to do was win.

Lynn Williams has not scored in a while for Gotham FC

Alas, that did not happen. Instead, Gotham finished the season in sixth place. The last few months did not go how the team thought it would go. A mix of defensive mistakes and some goal-scoring issues caused them to struggle. There were also some major injuries to the squad. Additionally, the team's biggest star, Lynn Williams, has not scored since June 25.

Notably, the Gotham FC forward was out for some time due to the World Cup. There were also a few weeks off for the World Cup, so the team did not play any games. Williams' last match was on June 25, and then she returned on August 27. During that period, the Bats played three NWSL fixtures since most of the World Cup time was used for the Challenge Cup.

Hence, Williams did not miss too many regular season games. Yet, she did not score in her return. It was a little surprising since she started the year and had seven goals in the NWSL. However, her offensive capabilities did not shut down. She was still a threat in and near the box. The difference was that she could not get the ball into the back of the net.

What is the reason for her goal-scoring problems? Is it due to the World Cup, and she lost her Gotham rhythm? Or is it just bad timing that she is enduring this drought? Regardless of the reason, the Bats need her goal-scoring boots. Their struggles to earn all three points makes one wonder whether a playoff win is possible.

Hopefully, Williams will be able to score as NJ/NY Gotham FC takes on the North Carolina Courage on Sunday. The Starting XI needs to be on their A-game; otherwise, the 2023 season will end for the Bats.