Gotham FC: Who is going to the World Cup?

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NJ/NY Gotham FC is having a good season compared to last year's last place finish. The team currently sits in fifth place in the NWSL, and the record is 6-4-3. As such, they already have two more wins to last year's total.

Part of the 2023 resurgence lies with players like Lynn Williams, who has scored seven goals thus far. But overall, the entire team has played better. As such, it is not surprising that the team will lose some players for the 2023 Women's World Cup. It will be a loss for the team, but it is a well deserved honor for all of the players who will be heading to Australia and New Zealand.

Gotham FC will see four players, with the possibility of six, in the World Cup


Firstly, forward Ifeoma Onumonu was called up to represent Nigeria. While she has not played often with Gotham FC, for she has 253 minutes to her name this season, she has the potential to help her country in the World Cup.


Then, Kristie Mewis, Kelley O'Hara, and Lynn Williams will all represent the United States Women's National Team. This will be O'Hara's fourth World Cup, but Mewis and Williams will be a part of the World Cup squad for the first time.

Mewis is the oldest player to make her debut, but it is not surprising she received the call up. After the 2019 trophy lift, the sister of World Cup winner, Sam Mewis, worked her way back into the USWNT in 2020. Since then, she has received numerous opportunities, and continuously proved that she deserves to play for her country.

Of course, Gotham FC's biggest star in 2023 had to be called up to the World Cup. Williams continues to score goals, and will be an important offensive piece for the USWNT. The forward can play both as a striker and winger, and will be a versatile option up front. While Alex Morgan will clearly be the first-choice striker, Williams will still have a chance to start. Plus, based on her 2023 season, it would not be shocking if she gets on the scoresheet, especially in the group round.

Meanwhile, the veteran O'Hara continues to be one the top defenders in the country. Sure, she is not starting every game for Gotham, and likely will not start in every match for the USWNT. However, her veteran status will be just as valuable for the younger defenders on the team. Her 157 caps speak volume after all.

Brazil and Ireland

Finally, defender Bruninha will find out on Tuesday whether she will be a part of Brazil's squad. In addition, midfielder/ forward Sinead Farrelly is currently on Ireland's provisional roster. She will find out later this week whether she is heading to the World Cup as well.

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NJ/NY Gotham FC is fortunate to have players that are talented enough to head to the World Cup next month. Skyscraper Blues will follow the four, and possible, six players as they take on a journey of a lifetime.

6/27 5:40 PM Update: It was announced that Bruninha is going to the World Cup!
6/28 Update: It was announced that Sinead Farrelly has made Ireland's World Cup squad! As a result, Gotham FC will see six players in Australia and New Zealand.