What will happen to Nicolás Acevedo?

-Nicolás Acevedo's future with NYCFC is up in the air

-What will the Pigeons do once his loan deal expires?

Nicolás Acevedo of NYCFC
Nicolás Acevedo of NYCFC / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

This might be redundant, but New York City FC had a mass exodus of players before and during the 2023 season.  This, unfortunately, was one of the reasons the team missed the playoffs for the first time since 2015.  Some exits were expected, while others were shocking or puzzling.

One shocking move was the loan deal for Nicolás Acevedo.  The Uruguayan was sent out on loan to Brazilian club Esporte Clube Bahia.  At the time, the team was close to becoming a part of City Football Group, and it eventually did.  Therefore, that can be why the midfielder was sent out on loan there.

When the announcement was made, it was somewhat confusing.  It appeared the Pigeons were saying goodbye to Acevedo.  At the same time, it was expressed he was going there to develop.  The Front Office would follow his progress.    

Acevedo’s future is up in the air

Unquestionably, he was missed by NYCFC.  Still, he was somewhat successful in Brazil, starting over half of his Campeonato Brasileiro Série A appearances and most of his tournament appearances. In total, he has about 52 appearances this year.  He even has two assists to his name.

With Acevedo’s loan deal expiring at the end of the year, what is the plan for the NYCFC player?  Bahia is currently at risk of relegation; would he want to remain with the team if they will play in the second tier of Brazilian football next season?  Also, does he want to stay regardless of the fact?  Does he wish to return to NYCFC?  Does he want to go elsewhere and make a permanent move?

This is something Acevedo must decide.  Of course, he has to speak with the Pigeons and Bahia. Perhaps NYCFC is ready to move on.  Although, his growth and talent during his time in the Bronx proved his worth and value.  He would be great to have back, especially if Keaton Parks ends up in Europe or a deal for Andrés Perea is unsuccessful. 

Meanwhile, Bahia still has two more games this year.  Likely, the Bronx side will not have discussions or make decisions until Acevedo plays his final minute.  There is no indication of what the plan is for him, so everyone will have to wait.

This will be something New York City FC supporters should watch.  Will the midfielder leave or return?  Truthfully, there are probably many moving parts that will lead to the answer.