Nicolás Acevedo leaves New York City FC on loan

New York City FC v New England Revolution
New York City FC v New England Revolution / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

On Tuesday, New York City FC surprisingly announced that Nicolás Acevedo would be going out on loan to Esporte Clube Bahia.  According to the club, the midfielder’s loan will last until December 31, 2023, but they did not reveal any other information about the loan agreement. 

Recently, City Football Group just acquired about 90% of Bahia, with the deal to be finalized in 2023.  So, it is not surprising to see Acevedo go to another club within CFG.  What is shocking though is that he is leaving after a successful 2022 campaign. 

The Uruguayan player had become a mainstay starter for NYCFC, and was a huge part of their 2021 MLS Cup run.  In the couple of years he was with the Pigeons, he grew tremendously.  At first, he was not considered someone who should start, but now, it was expected he would start the majority of matches in 2023.  In his three years, he saw action in 67 matches, and played over 3,700 minutes for the Bronx side.

Plus, 2022 saw Acevedo increase his versatility with the positions he can play.  While he normally played in the defensive midfield, and sometimes in the center-back role, it was discovered he could play as the right-back. 

Nicolas Acevedo has signed for Esporte Clube Bahia on loan

During the season, there were a few matches where NYCFC desperately needed a right-back, so Acevedo was put there.  It was not perfect, but he got the job done.  In addition, he performed better each time he played there.  Hence, it gave Nick Cushing a peace of mind when both Tayvon Gray and Anton Tinnerholm were not available. 

Meanwhile, there was no sign that Acevedo wished to move closer to home, but that could always be a possibility for the move.  Perhaps CFG also felt he would be a right fit for Bahia, and as a result, NYCFC and Acevedo both agreed to the move.  Moreover, there is always the possibility that there is another defensive midfielder on the radar of the Pigeons, and they are trying to bring the player to the club. 

Although, Sporting Director David Lee did mention how the move was “a great opportunity for Nico to continue to develop and grow his career”.  While the truth for the move is unknown, it does seem everyone was in agreement. 

No matter the reason, Acevedo will be missed.  He became an important part of the New York City FC family, and now the club must replace him.  Hopefully he finds success in Brazil, and will continue his growth.