What is going on with Jovan Mijatović? The NYCFC player apparently has visa issues

  • Jovan Mijatović has not returned from Serbia since international duty
  • The NYCFC player might be having issues with his visa
Jovan Mijatović of NYCFC
Jovan Mijatović of NYCFC / Mark Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When New York City FC signed Jovan Mijatović, excitement was in the air. The talented striker was expected to move to a European club possibly. In his short time with the first team of Red Star Belgrade, he was already becoming a star. He was leading his team with eight goals in league play prior to his departure and played in the Champions League.

So, when Mijatović made his initial debut against Charlotte FC, everyone thought all was well with the Serbian player. He was a part of the Pigeons, and since he had his P-1 visa, one would think he would not have any travel issues.

Jovan Mijatović might be having visa issues

However, before Saturday's draw against Atlanta United FC, Hudson River Blue reported the reason for his absence was due to a visa issue. The striker was stuck in Serbia and could not return to New York yet. Then, Blue Balls NYCFC reported the government buildings in Serbia were closed due to the Easter holiday, slowing down the process.

At first, such reports created questions, like how can someone have visa issues when they already had their visa approved? Moreover, there are trust issues with NYCFC as of late. Maxime Chanot's departure last summer has not helped. Therefore, can fans really trust sources close to or from the club? It depends on who one asks.

Then, on Sunday, a report out of Serbia also mentioned he was there due to visa issues. That can help ease some of the NYCFC fans' conspiracies. Nonetheless, the question of why Mijatović is having visa issues is still unknown. It would be nice for the club to be transparent and explain in detail. If there was a problem with the visa that was caught late, then why would they keep this from the fans?

Everyone knows that mistakes can happen. Sure, there might be embarrassment, but honesty is the best policy. Perhaps Mijatović was ready to travel, but the United States missed something on their end. Maybe the problem is that the Serbian lost one of his travel documents and needs a new one.

Regardless of the reason, the silence from NYCFC is not the proper method. It would be nice for someone from the club, whether it is Nick Cushing or David Lee, to reveal why their new player is stuck in Serbia or why he is still there.