What else did we learn from Gotham FC's 2024 schedule release?

-What else did we learn from Gotham FC's schedule release?

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The 2024 season will be starting in just under two months, and NJ/NY Gotham FC is preparing to defend their NWSL Championship title. On Thursday, the club announced their regular season schedule. Fans officially know where and when the team will play the other NWSL clubs, and quite a bit of information was released.

However, there is more that can be discussed. For example, the schedule release revealed there are no true long away trips. There are a few times the Bats will play back-to-back away matches, but that is it. On the other hand, the longest home stretch will be in June, where three games will be played in a row. The San Diego Wave, the Washington Spirit, and Seattle Reign FC will be the visiting teams.

There is more to know about Gotham FC's schedule

One notable aspect of the season is that Gotham FC will only play two NWSL games during the summer vacation months: July and August. This is due to the league-mandated break and the pause for the 2024 Olympics. When the USWNT players are in Paris, there will be a tournament scheduled during that time.

One cannot forget that two expansion sides are joining the NWSL. This season, Gotham will play the Utah Royals and Bay FC for the first time. The home games are scheduled for September 22 and October 5, respectively. Then, the away fixtures will occur on May 24, which is against Bay FC, and November 1, which is against Utah. Since most expansion teams tend to struggle in their first year, it will be interesting to see whether the Bats can earn all 12 points from these sides.

As mentioned, Gotham FC will be on numerous networks and streaming services throughout the season. This is a nice change since most matches were only available via Paramount Plus over the last few years. The most matches will air on NSWL+, with nine. The best part about the new streaming service is that it is free. Unlike Major League Soccer, the NWSL is trying to make games more accessible again. Yes, some will be behind a paywall, but many will be easily available.

NJ/NY Gotham FC, if not already, should be preparing for their preseason. The club has yet to release a schedule except for the Women's Cup Colombia. Hopefully, the Bats will give out more details soon.