Gotham FC news roundup: Preseason games, NWSL Challenge Cup, and player introductions

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NJ/NY Gotham FC has had a busy offseason thus far. The team has signed big-name players like Crystal Dunn and Rose Lavelle. In addition, there have been many changes to the roster. In other words, the Starting XI should look quite different compared to their NWSL Championship side.

There has been plenty of news as of late. Here is the latest news roundup for Gotham FC.

The Gotham FC news roundup: The preseason, NWSL Challenge Cup, and more

Gotham FC is going to Colombia

The preseason will be here before one knows it, and Gotham FC already knows some of their plans. The club announced that they will participate in the Women's Cup Colombia. This is "a four-team international tournament in South America that will pit Colombian powerhouses América de Cali and Deportivo Cali against a pair of NWSL opponents." Racing Louisville FC will join the Bats in this tournament.

Gotham already knows they will play Deportivo Cali on February 27. The second game will take place on March 2. Their opponent will be determined by who wins and loses the first fixture.

This will be a historic part of the preseason, for it will be the first time NWSL clubs play against South American teams in South America. Of course, the rest of the preseason will eventually be announced by the Bats soon.

The NWSL Challenge Cup details

This season, the NWSL Challenge Cup will be just one game between the NWSL Cup winners and Shield Winners. As such, Gotham FC will face the San Diego Wave.

It was already known the fixture will take place on March 15 at 8 PM to open the NWSL season. However, it was confirmed by the NJ/NY side that the team will host at Red Bull Arena. This is good news, for it never hurts to play at home when a trophy is on the line. Gotham will look to start the season off the same way they ended 2023: with a win.

Gotham introduces the new players

On Friday, Gotham FC introduced their most recent signings: Tierna Davidson, Dunn, Lavelle, and Emily Sonnett. The media event gave the club a chance to speak about the four players and the 2024 season.

In addition, the ladies also posed outside in the snow, for the city was a winter wonderland. A mural was put up of all of them to celebrate them joining the Bats.

It will not be long until the new NJ/NY Gotham FC players make their first start for their team. It is an exciting time, for these are the types of signings that turn clubs into top contenders.