On this day in NYCFC history: August 8, 2019

-On this day in NYCFC history, the team played against the Houston Dynamo

-Do you remember what happened during the game?

Former NYCFC player, Valentín Castellanos
Former NYCFC player, Valentín Castellanos / Ira L. Black - Corbis/GettyImages

New York City FC has had some memorable games throughout the years.  The team is in its ninth season and some fixtures stick with the supporters.  One such game occurred on August 8, 2019.

On this day in NYCFC history, the Pigeons played against Houston Dynamo FC.  The two teams met at Yankee Stadium on a hot summer day.  Domènec Torrent was the head coach, and Alexander Ring was the captain.  Of the Starting XI, only Maxime Chanot and Keaton Parks remain with the team; the remaining nine players are no longer here. 

NYCFC mostly controlled the match.  The Bronx side led with 76% possession and outshot Houston, 27 to seven.  However, both teams fought regarding the goals.  Most of the fixture was spent in a draw.  Even a few minutes were spent with the Dynamo ahead, 2-1.

On this day in NYCFC history, goals were shared

Alexandru Mitriță, who is finally no longer a player with NYCFC after spending a few years on loan, opened the scoring in the 16th minute.  The Pigeons were playing a superb match, so it was shocking that the Dynamo tied it up in the 27th minute.  Then, after being down a man due to a red card, the visitors went ahead in the 77th minute.

Thankfully, Torrent knew how to make substitutions, and sent the legend, Valentín Castellanos, onto the pitch.  The Argentine became the hero, and why this fixture is memorable. 

The striker, who was predominantly a winger in 2019, scored the tying goal in the 83rd, and at least drew the team level.  Of course, that was not enough, especially since NYCFC was in a fight for the top spots of the Eastern Conference. 

So, what did Castellanos do?  He scored the winning goal in stoppage time!  Thanks to him, the team finished with all three points. 

Notably, this was one of those games that left fans perplexed.  Clearly, NYCFC was the better team and should have never been down at any point.  Alas, these fixtures are common regardless of whether the Pigeons are at the top of the Eastern Conference or towards the bottom. 

Still, this was one of those moments that started the legend of Castellanos, and also helped New York City FC top the Eastern Conference table at the end of the season.  As everyone knows, the playoffs did not go according to plan.  Nonetheless, the 2019 regular season was the best in the club’s short history, and the win over Houston helped the team finish in first place.