The NYCFC stadium approval means the world

  • NYCFC recently had the stadium approved by the city council
  • This means the world after a long road
NYCFC / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday, New York City FC received the best news possible: the city council approved the second phase of the Willets Point plan that includes the new stadium. With the support of Mayor Adams, the stadium is officially a go. There are no more approvals that the club needs to go through.

As a reminder, this development plan is not just about the stadium. It will bring affordable housing units to the area, retail space, a school, a park, and more. This whole plan will revitalize the area and create numerous jobs as well.

It is also incredible that it took under two years from the announcement to go through the entire approval process. Of course, the law requires the process to take place during a certain amount of time. Still, NYCFC is one step closer to their future home.

This has been a long time coming too. Many thought the time spent at Yankee Stadium would be briefer. It was thought the club would find a home within their first few seasons, and that NYCFC would already be in their own stadium. However, building in New York City is complex. It is not shocking that it took almost a decade to find the right location, let alone announce the new home.

The NYCFC stadium approval news is everything

Of course, there can still be obstacles along the way. Issues with the build could always occur, and there will be multiple building inspections that the stadium must pass as it is being built and once it is completed. The tiniest problem can prolong the opening of the stadium. Will it open in 2027? Ideally, it will. But fans should prepare for a possible delay.

With that said, the official approval of the stadium means the world. NYCFC supporters finally will have a place to call home. Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are not bad places to play, unlike some Major League Soccer fans want others to believe. But, the soccer team's schedule revolves around the baseball teams' schedules, meaning playing at Red Bull Arena is always possible.

Additionally, the stadium's approval shows that the city cares about the beautiful game. If the city council was full of people with the opinions of some of the local sports media that soccer is not a major sport and not great, then the stadium approval might not have happened. Even if they are not familiar with soccer, they recognize what it means to so many in the area, and the economic advantage as well.

It feels like NYCFC is no longer being left behind either. They will have their own place, legitimizing their presence in the city. They will no longer be renters and have their official home within the five boroughs. Unlike their rivals across the Hudson, their name actually describes where they play and where they will continue to do so.

For fans, the approval is like a weight lifted off the shoulders of so many people. NYCFC, for the longest time, lacked transparency with the stadium process. Everyone wanted updates and answers about what was going on, but the front office was sometimes silent or provided vague updates. The announcement in 2022 was an incredible moment, but the approval this year means that the stadium is a reality. It will happen.

The news means everything. NYCFC will one day move into their new home. The Traveling Pigeons will be a thing of the past. The baseball stadiums will be a part of the team's history. More importantly, the club is remaining in the city.