NYCFC in the offseason: Training, Christmas, and vacations

-Here is the next edition of NYCFC in the offseason
NYCFC / Stephen Nadler/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The offseason is in full swing, and New York City FC players are enjoying their time with their families and friends. At the same time, they have been training for the new year. There have been some moves, like the signing of Zidane Yañez and Matt Freese's contract extension. Yet, the Pigeons have been mostly quiet.

So, what has everyone been up to? Here is the latest edition of NYCFC in the offseason.

NYCFC players train, celebrate Christmas, and go on vacation

Mounsef Bakrar and Talles Magno are training

Many NYCFC players have posted pictures and videos of them training and working out. Mounsef Bakrar recently posted photos of him at a gym. It looked to be small and private and had a unique green floor. Talles Magno constantly puts posts on Instagram of him working out, so there is nothing new there.

NYCFC celebrates Christmas

A good portion of NYCFC celebrates Christmas, so it was not a surprise that many posted their festivities. Santiago Rodríguez wished everyone a Merry Christmas while he was home with his family in Uruguay. In one of the photos, he shared a picture with a very cute dog.

Then, Julián Fernández and Alonso Martínez posted photos with their significant others. Both players looked very festive for the holidays. Thiago Martins was with family for Christmas and showed them off on Instagram. He appears to be enjoying his time with them after going away on vacation.

Other NYCFC players also posted Christmas wishes. It seems everyone is having a great time during the holiday season.

Keaton Parks goes on a family vacation

Keaton Parks is one of the NYCFC players who continuously gives great offseason content. About a week ago, he shared pictures of his first family vacation with his wife and son.

The three of them went to the Dominican Republic before the holidays. They spent time at the beach and likely at a resort. Many of the photos showed his son smiling and happy. Parks is no doubt enjoying his family time. Since this is the first offseason as a father, it might be harder for him to return to the footballing grind.

Before one knows it, the offseason will be over. New York City FC players will return to focusing on the beautiful game. It is good to see so many taking time to continue working on their craft while enjoying time with friends and family.